Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1301

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Chapter 1301

Lei Zhang was the one who cursed!

He didn’t expect Shaun to be so bold. He just broke the good deeds of their Zhang family today, and he even had a face to come in front of them.

At this time, all the members of the Zhang family and the guests there, after hearing this insult, all cast their eyes on Shaun.

“That trash, isn’t he Elvira’s husband? Why he is here with Kelly?”

“This kind of man is really disgusting, relying on his wife to dominate the blessing, and dare to stir flowers and grass outside, Elvira is really blind to marry such a waste!”

“Hehe, if Elvira knows that her husband is eating her soft meal and is still hooking up with women outside, the good days of waste are over!”

“Without his wife, this waste is nothing!”

Everyone recognized Shaun, and immediately there was a deep contempt on their faces.

At this moment, Kelly trembles when she heard Lei Zhang’s cursing.

The bitterness on her face became stronger and stronger, and when she was aggrieved, she cried.


Shaun patted her back to comfort her.


He was facing everyone, and a touch of arrogance suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“I’m here to congratulate Mrs. Zhang!”

“At the same time, in the face of Ariel, give your Zhang family a good fortune!”


As soon as this statement came out, the audience was completely blown up!

This waste, to give Zhang Family good luck?

Did they hear it right?

over, even his living expenses depend on his wife’s charity. How dare you be so utterly on the birthday of Mrs. Zhang?

This is clearly beating the Zhang family in the face!

As soon as Zhang Jia and others heard this, they were completely angry, and there was a strong hatred in their hearts.

This damn trash has ruined their big business, and now he dares to come to their party and talk coldly.

He may think that his wife is the Jiangnan Communist, so the Zhang family couldn’t help do anything to him.

Right now, all of them thought that Shaun came to find fault on purpose!

Mr. Zhang, Lei Zhang, and others have their eyes wide open as if they are about to eat people:

“Shaun, you dare to appear in front of us? Then you are not going to leave today!”

“Dog stuff! It’s all because of you, who caused our Zhang family’s 100 billion loans to get rejected and we got blacklisted by major banks.

Even Elvira can’t save you today!”

The entire hotel lobby is completely chaotic!

A vicious insult resounded!

Everyone can’t wait to smash Shaun into pieces!

At this time, Lei Zhang was also extremely jealous when he saw Shaun, and there was a strong malicious in his eyes:

“Grandma, did you see it? I said Kelly is a shameless b!tch, who hooks up with a married man, but now he dares to bring her to this provocation. This is simply hitting our face!”

“Lei Zhang, you spitless blood!”

Kelly suddenly roared in frustration:

“Brother Lin and I are innocent!”

However, Kelly’s words became more and more unassuming, because she was indeed plotting against Shaun.

“Grandma, believe me, Brother Lin can really help our Zhang family!”

Also to meet Shan Lin, the Zhang family left the capital and then came to Jiangshi with great fanfare. In fact, there is another big reason…

That was a complete defeat in a struggle for power!

Therefore, it is necessary to find a larger backing to save the current Zhang family.

And Shaun is the best choice!

After all, he is the king of blood prison!


Mrs. Zhang shouted with a gloomy face:

“Don’t call me grandma, a b!tch like you is not qualified to call me grandma!”

“Take your waste and get out of here!”

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