Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1302

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Chapter 1302

Hearing this, Kelly felt that her heart was severely cut.

Heartache and she can’t breathe!

She wants to save the Zhang family, but she fell in the eyes of the Zhang family, and she was just a shameless sl*t!

“Let them go? Wouldn’t it be too cheap for them?”

Lei Zhang grinned and said, with a hint of hatred in his eyes:

“This waste caused our Zhang family to lose hundreds of billions of loans. How can we let him go so easily?”

“In my opinion, just abolish him here!”

This statement came out!

The faces of everyone in the Zhang family also showed a strong and cruel color, and they stared at Shaun maliciously!

When Kelly heard this, she knelt on the ground with a thud and cried out:

“Grandma, no! You can’t hurt him!”

What kind of status is Shaun, if the Zhang Family offends him, it will be a disaster for us!

Lei Zhang suddenly snorted and sneered:

“Up until now, all you have in mind is your concubine, and you ignore the loss of the family. What qualifications do you have to be the head of the Zhang family!”

All Zhang’s family members were full of anger, and they all thought Kelly was protecting Shaun at this time.

“Lei Zhang is right, this woman is not qualified to be the head of our Zhang family! Let her go!”

“The Patriarch of the Zhang family, it’s okay to be a junior, and it’s disgusting to support a trash!”

“B!tch and dog, forever! Let them go, don’t lose the face of our Zhang family here!”

All Zhang family members have spoken ill-humorously!

Insult loudly!

And now!

Mrs. Zhang’s expression also became gloomy in an instant:

“Kelly, you have been kicked out of the house by us, and you are not eligible to stay here.”

“And this kid must die too!”


As soon as the voice fell, Lei Zhang laughed wildly, with a hideous look on his face:

“Why are you still stunned, smash this guy who ruined our family to pieces!”


Immediately, the strong men of the Zhang family stepped forward, with a strong killing intent on their faces.

But right now!

“Doctor Mike is here!”

Outside, there was a sudden shout.

This sound was like a thunderous ear, which completely shocked the entire Zhang family!

“Doctor Mike, is that famous international genius doctor?”

“Mr. Lin’s subordinates unexpectedly came to congratulate the Zhang family. The Zhang family has a lot of faces!”

“Isn’t that what the great doctor Lin meant? If it really meant what the great doctor Lin meant, then the Zhang family would fly into the sky!”

The guests there were completely stunned.

Who is the genius doctor Lin?

He is the future of China Pharmaceuticals!

I don’t know how many idols in the hearts of young people, and after Mike became a survivor Lin, his position in the Chinese medicine industry is also very important.

Did he come to congratulate Zhang’s birthday?

At this time, the Zhang family were also dumbfounded, all wondering if they had heard it wrong.

Did Mike come to celebrate their birthday party?

This is simply an honor for their Zhang family!

Huh huh!

Immediately, a group of excited eyes, at this moment, looked at the door together.

Everyone’s faces are filled with reverence and awe!

Even Mrs. Zhang hurriedly helped her up, walked to the door quickly, and at the same time scolded Lei Zhang:

“Lei Zhang, there is no time to deal with these two wastes. It is important to meet Dr. Mike first!”

Hearing these words!

Lei Zhang stared at Shaun sullenly:

“Dog stuff, I will let you jump in few minutes. When we meet Dr. Mike, it will be your death time!”

Da da da!

Then, under the hot and expectant gazes of everyone, a group of figures walked in step by step from outside the door.

As soon as Mike appeared on the stage, it seemed as if he was looking for something, his eyes were constantly sweeping in the crowd.

This move immediately made Mr. Zhang puzzled:

“Doctor Mike, what are you looking for?”

Mike’s words completely ignited the audience:

“I’m looking for our boss!”

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