Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1303

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Chapter 1303


At the moment when he heard this, everyone there was startled, and then they completely exploded the pot!


Mike’s boss, isn’t there only one?

That is the mysterious doctor Lin!

Genius Doctor Lin, is he also in this hall?

Everyone went crazy!

One by one, they turned their heads in a panic, frantically looking for the trace of the genius doctor Lin, excited.

They couldn’t believe that the existence of the same level was hidden among them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fawn, they must not miss it!

Not just them!

Even the members of the Zhang family were frightened after hearing the shocking news.

The genius doctor Lin, who is known as the future of China’s medical industry, has also come to participate in the birthday of their Zhang family?

If they can get acquainted with such characters, their Zhang family will be even more powerful in the future, and they will surely soar into the sky!


They also looked around nervously and excitedly, with deep desire in their eyes.

But they don’t know that the genius doctor Lin has been completely offended by them!

And just now!

Mike suddenly saw Shaun, a touch of ecstasy appeared in his eyes, and he subconsciously shouted:


Just to take a step forward and walk towards Shaun.

But Shaun was one step ahead and winked at Mike.

Mike was taken aback for a moment and froze involuntarily.

At this time, everyone had already noticed something, and every one of them was about to look out.

How do they think that the person Mike is looking for is Shaun?

Shaun…Mr. Lin, is it possible that they are the same person?

Even Mrs. Zhang suddenly had an ominous premonition in her heart, and asked in horror:

“Dr. Mike, is Shaun Doctor Lin?”

Mike shook his head quickly:

“I admitted the wrong person, the boss is not here!”


Upon hearing this, everyone suddenly looked disappointed. It turned out that the genius Doctor Lin was not here.

At this time, Lei Zhang jumped out again and sneered:

“Grandma, you are really kidding, how could this rubbish be Doctor Lin?”

“Just because of his virtue, I’m afraid that he doesn’t even have the qualifications to lift shoes for the genius doctor Lin!”


Hearing Lei Zhang’s insult to Shaun this much, Mike’s face instantly darkened.


Just ask in a bad tone:

“Mrs. Zhang, whY you said trash to this man?”

If it weren’t for Shaun, Mike would not be here at all tonight. Although the Zhang family was wealthy, it was not enough for him to come to celebrate his birthday in person.

But now, these idiots dare to insult his boss in front of him?

And now!

When Mrs. Zhang heard Mike’s question, her face was dull, and a deep contempt and disgust appeared on her face:

“Mr. Mike, this rubbish is the son-in-law of the Bai family! He was brought by my granddaughter who does not have long eyes. I am sorry to let this rubbish stain your eyes, I am about to drive him out!”

And this!

Immediately, Mike and the people behind him all changed their expressions wildly and fell to the ground without being scared.

These bastards dared to insult the boss like this?


Soon, raging anger appeared in the eyes of Mike and others.

Today’s Shaun is like a god in their eyes, but the other party dared to insult their belief in front of them?

This irritated all the top doctors there!

But Mrs. Zhang and others did not find that Mike and the others’ expressions were wrong.

They even scolded Shaun:

“Trash, you can go away!”

“Doctor Mike is honorable, you disgusting fellow, don’t get in the eyes!”


Before Mike had an attack, Shaun sneered first:

“Well, since the Zhang family is not welcoming me, then I will leave!”

Shaun directly threw the prepared gift on the table and sneered:

“Congratulations, I’m leaving!”

“I just hope that you Zhang family will not regret it!”

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