Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1304

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Chapter 1304


Everyone in the Zhang family suddenly looked contemptuous, this guy is really brain-dead, isn’t he just chasing away rubbish eating soft food? Why do they regret it?

They also hope that Shaun will get away quickly, so as not to disgust them.

And Lei Zhang also sneered:

“Congratulations? Just like your trash, I’m afraid that the trash that can’t be sent to the tabletop is not?”

After saying that, he directly opened a gift box and took out a dirty copper bowl from it, extremely worn!

“Hahaha, Shaun, this is your gift, a broken bowl?”

Lei Zhang was laughing:

“Giving this trash to my grandma, are you deliberately humiliating us?”


Seeing this, everyone there was also shocked.

Given a broken bowl as a gift?

Isn’t this hitting someone in the face?

This kid is crazy!

At the moment, the whole audience was completely boiled, and all the ridicule of all the cynicism made the scene suddenly noisy.

“What kind of sh!t, shouldn’t it be picked up from the trash can, can this kind of thing be given as a gift?”

“I think he came to find the fault on purpose. Didn’t he embarrass the Zhang family by sending this kind of garbage?”

“Hahaha, you’d better keep this thing for yourself, maybe when the soft rice can’t be eaten, you can take this bowl to the street to beg for food!”

A pair of contemptuous eyes stared at Shaun at this moment.

Mrs. Zhang, who was angry, now has a strong hatred in her eyes:

“Dog stuff, you dare to insult me?”

“Come here, throw this ignorant boy out!”


Hearing the verbal abuse and humiliation from everyone, Shaun just shook his head contemptuously:

“A group of people with eyes and no beads, who can’t even recognize such treasures, dare to claim to be high class?”


Hearing Shaun’s words, everyone there turned gloomy and looked at Shaun with a touch of anger.

This guy is crazy!

Giving a broken bowl as a gift, and dare to mock them for having no eyes?

It’s ridiculous!

“You wanna die!”

Mrs. Zhang was so angry that she really saw such a shameless person for the first time.

If it wasn’t because Mike was here, she would have Shaun splashed blood on the spot.


She shouted violently:

“Come here, throw this rubbish, along with Kelly!”

“And many more!”

At this moment, a middle-aged person walked out of the crowd, holding the copper bowl in his hand, and carefully measured it.

That appearance, focused and cautious, his face was full of excitement as if he had seen a treasure.

He also tapped the copper bowl lightly with his fingers, and it made a pleasant sound, like a dragon chant.

Hearing this sound, the middle-aged breathed a cold breath, his whole body trembled, and he collapsed to the ground in fright!

There was an unbelievable exclamation:

“No chance! How could this thing appear here?”


Seeing this reaction from the other party, the guests there were stunned.

“Uncle San, what’s wrong with you? Isn’t it just a broken bowl? What’s so interesting?”

Lei Zhang said with contempt and disdain.

Everyone there also looked sarcastic and disdain. It was just a broken bowl. Is the third uncle of the Zhang family really regarded it as a treasure?

Upon hearing this, his third uncle Zhang Tianxiang became angry and suddenly roared like thunder:

“Broken bowl? Blind your dog’s eyes!”


He held up the copper bowl and said angrily:

“I’m optimistic! This object is called the dragon-patterned bronze statue. It was cast in the Guangxu period and has a history of one hundred years. It was unearthed ten years ago and is extremely valuable!”


At this moment, the expressions on everyone’s faces completely solidified, and then one by one looked at Zhang Wenxiang in horror.


Are you kidding me?

This broken bowl looks so dilapidated, it looks like it was picked from a trash can. How could it be a priceless treasure?

Especially Mrs. Zhang!

At this time, she was dumbfounded, and her old face was full of incredible expression:

“The third child, are you sure you judged it right?”

Zhang Wenxiang is a master of antique collection, and his level of appreciating treasures is comparable to that of experts.

Therefore, Mrs. Zhang is so nervous.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Wenxiang suddenly smiled bitterly:

“Mom, it’s another antique, maybe I might miss it, but this one alone, I will never miss it, because…”

“This is a utensil used by the emperor!”

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