Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1305

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Chapter 1305


Everyone only felt that at this moment, Zhang Wenxiang’s words were like thunder and lightning, which exploded crazily in their minds.

It made them completely petrified!

Including Mrs. Zhang, the expressions of every one were shocked and unbelievable.

The Arabian Nights!

This is simply a fantasy!

Trash who depends on his wife to support him, gave out a priceless antique as a gift?

Moreover, it is a special vessel from the emperor!

How can this be?

Does such a shabby bowl have such an extraordinary origin?

All of them suddenly felt slapped in their faces, their faces blushing, and they couldn’t even speak.

They laughed at Shaun due to this broken bowl before, but they turned out to be the big jokes.

It’s not wrong to have eyes but no beads!

Zhang Wenxiang didn’t have time to pay attention to everyone’s reaction, holding the dragon bronze statue with excitement:

“I remember the last time this bronze statue with a dragon pattern was sold at a sky-high price of 130 million yuan!”

130 million?

Hearing this appalling number, everyone there felt their hearts beating wildly, fainting.

“The best way to identify it is to tap the mouth of the bowl, and there will be a sound of dragons with fine lines!”

After saying that, Zhang Wenxiang gently tapped the mouth of the bowl with his fingers.


A crisp sound, like a dragon chant, resounded instantly in the silent hall.

Everyone there went crazy!

They looked like they had been stepped on their tails, with expressions of horror.

This bronze statue with dragon patterns turned out to be real!

One hundred and thirty million, this is crazy!

This gift is more precious than the gifts of everyone there?

And these sky-high gifts were insulted by them.

Especially the Zhang family!

At this time, it was like being drunk with a head, completely stunned.

I never dreamed that Shaun would give such a priceless gift, from where did he get this rare treasure?

Mrs. Zhang also trembled all over, paralyzed on the ground in fright, stretched out her hand tremblingly, and was about to touch the bronze statue of a dragon.

From the emperor?

This is something that money can’t buy!

If someone has this dragon-printed bronze statue, wouldn’t he also enjoy the honor of the emperor?

Thinking of this, the desire in her eyes became even stronger!

This copper bowl is simply a status symbol!

Just when she was about to touch, Shaun snatched the copper bowl:

“Sorry, this kind of “junk” is not good for you, so I plan to take it away!”


Seeing this!

Mrs. Zhang suddenly became angry, this little bastard, he is deliberately humiliating her.

But the eyes of every one were in full view, she didn’t dare to grab it, she could only watch Shaun take the copper bowl back into the gift box.


In her eyes, there was deep regret.

Just a little bit, this emperor’s imperial vessel will become her bag.

But because of her lack of eyesight, she gave up on her own initiative.

One hundred and thirty million!

It is definitely not worth the price if it is put out for auction now!

She couldn’t wait to slap herself at this moment, and she blamed herself for being so quick that she missed such a rare treasure.

“Bastard things are all because of you! You return my copper bowl!”

Mrs. Zhang was so angry that she immediately raised her crutches and hit Lei Zhang’s head severely.

It’s all because of Lei Zhang’s nonsense that she felt that this copper bowl is rubbish, and this bastard has made her miserable!

“Grandma, don’t fight! I know I was wrong!”

Lei Zhang suddenly wailed, his head was knocked to pieces in an instant, blood was flowing like a shot, and he kept begging while holding his head.

This is impossible!

That guy, a waste, how could he have such an expensive treasure?

Being beaten up in full view, Lei Zhang at this time went crazy!

But Shaun didn’t even look at him, and took Kelly with him, ready to leave.

But at this moment, there was an extremely cold voice, he suddenly yelled out:



Shaun turned around and looked at Zhang Wenxiang angrily in doubt.

At this time!

Zhang Wenxiang’s expression was not good, and he scolded Shaun in disgust:

“From where you have stolen this bronze statue of a dragon?”

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