Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1306

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Chapter 1306


Hearing this!

The people around were shocked and turned pale, and they looked at Shaun with horrified eyes.

No way?

This bronze statue with a dragon pattern was stolen by this guy?

An antique worth more than one billion yuan, if this is stolen, this guy will have to sit in prison!

“Grandma, did you hear that? I said this trash can’t have such rare treasures, he has stolen it!”

Lei Zhang covered his head and looked at Shaun with resentment, in his opinion all this was caused by Shaun.

Mrs. Zhang suddenly sank and asked:

“The third child, what is going on?”

Zhang Wenxiang snorted and looked at Shaun like a thief:

“I know the owner of this dragon-patterned bronze statue, it’s not such a waste at all!”


These words confirmed the fact that Shaun is a thief!

And everyone there also looked at Shaun with a contemptuous look. If you say that, everything can be explained.

No wonder this rubbish can’t get such a rare treasure.

It turned out to be stolen!

Even he didn’t know the value of this bronze statue of a dragon, so he gave it to Granny Zhang.

Shaun sneered:

“Why do I have to steal this bronze statue of a dragon?”

“Can’t someone give it to me?”

“You fart!”

Zhang Wenxiang yelled directly, staring at Shaun with disgust:

“Its owner loves it like his life and will never give it to others! You are too tender if you want to lie to me!”

“Boy, you dare to steal his things, then in the whole Jiangnan, no one can save your life!”

“You’re dead!”


Everyone shocked!

From Zhang Wenxiang’s words, everyone can clearly feel that the existence he said has an extremely terrifying background!

At that moment, he was so curious that he looked at Zhang Wenxiang in amazement.

And when he heard this, Lei Zhang was so excited that he wanted to clap his hands in applause, and he couldn’t wait to ask:

“Sanshu, the master of the dragon-printed bronze statue, what a terrifying identity he has, just say it!”


Zhang Wenxiang snorted coldly:

“Its owner is the famous master of blood prison!”


The audience fell into a dead silence in an instant!

At this moment, everyone seemed to lose their voices, and they did not dare to make a sound in their throats, and even their breathing felt stagnant!

They were scared!

The Blood Lord, the important existence of the Blood Prison is the right arm of the King of the Blood Prison!

The main source of income of the blood prison is mostly operated by his hands, so he can be called the treasury of the blood prison!

And Shaun, dare to steal the treasure of Blood Lord?

Everyone suddenly felt their scalp numb and looked at Shaun with extremely horrified eyes.


This guy is crazy!

This is no longer as simple as looking for death. If this matter came to know by the blood master, Shaun will not be as good as dead for the rest of his life.

Upon learning this good news, Lei Zhang laughed suddenly, gloating:

“Grandma, fortunately, you didn’t accept this gift, otherwise you might even be implicated!”

Hearing this!

Drops of cold sweat flowed down from Granny Zhang’s forehead.

“Good grandson, grandma blamed you!”

If the Blood Lord knows that she has taken his favorite collection, I am afraid that the entire Zhang family will be destroyed.


She stared at Kelly ferociously:

“This b!tch’s vicious mind, after being expelled from the house by me, together with this bastard, wanted to cheat our Zhang family?”

Kelly was stunned, looking at her grandma in disbelief.

She couldn’t believe that she was such a shameless person in her grandma’s heart?

And now!

Lei Zhang stared at Shaun unkindly:

“Shaun, what else do you have to say?”

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