Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1307

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Chapter 1307

What else to say?

Shaun smiled, and a horror suddenly appeared in his eyes:

“I said, you Zhang family, all have to kneel down!”

An overwhelming murderous intent swept away immediately, causing everyone there to horror.

Originally, he wanted to persuade the Zhang family, but since the Zhang family was shameless, then he used his fist to force them to give in!

I want you to stand as a human being. If you don’t give face, then kneel down and be a dog!


Hearing this, everyone in the Zhang family jumped into thunder, this trash dare to threaten them?

When the theft was discovered, Shaun didn’t feel ashamed but dared to be so arrogant.

“Even if your wife Elvira came, she wouldn’t dare to say this to me, what are you?”

Mrs. Zhang’s face was extremely gloomy, and she said murderously:

“Although you have Elvira to support you, you should never insult our Zhang family, again and again, so you can’t leave today!”

Shaun nodded with a grinning face:

“Okay, I’m not leaving, I will wait until you kneel down and apologize!”

“No, grandma, please!”

Upon hearing this, Kelly panicked completely.

If you offend Shaun, then our Zhang family is really over. With Shaun’s ability, his one finger is enough to kill everyone in the Zhang family.

With a deep pain on her face, she was already crying so hard that she couldn’t bear the expectation of her grandmother, and let the Zhang family perish like this.


But as soon as the voice fell, Mrs. Zhang slapped her face heavily.

Mrs. Zhang was furious and stared at Kelly with disgust:

“B!tch, now, you dare to protect this trash! I think you are really hopeless!”

“Grandma, I didn’t…” Kelly cried mournfully. She begged for mercy because of the Zhang family.

“Grandma, Shaun, this idiot stole something from the Blood Lord, and his end will be very miserable. Since this sl*t wants to bury him, let him go!”

Lei Zhang said maliciously, as long as Kelly died, no one in the Zhang family could compete with him for the position of Patriarch.


Mrs. Zhang just gave a cold snort but did not express her position.

It seems that Lei Zhang was acquiesced and intended to sacrifice Kelly.

Seeing this!

Kelly was completely stunned, and tears were falling out of that poignant face.

This is my family?

At this time, Kelly only felt her heart twisted. She didn’t expect that the family she wanted to protect desperately wants to kill her!

And now!

Shaun looked gloomy, and helped Kelly to stand to the ground:

“Don’t cry, I’m here!”


Everyone froze in place, their faces dull, they felt that Shaun’s words were too crazy.


What are you?

Trash who has been raised by his wife, Jiang Shi’s well-known trash, dare to say that he is everything?


Immediately, there was a burst of laughter from the audience, and the contempt on his face became more intense.

One by one, it was like hearing a big joke!

“No, he not only stole the things of the blood master but also the things of the four masters!”

Just now!

Zhang Wenxiang has taken out all the antiques.

But they were shocked to discover that these antiques all belong to the four masters!


Everyone’s expressions changed wildly!

Everyone looked at Shaun with horror, that is to say, all the things brought by this waste today were brought secretly?

What courage!

Upon hearing this, Lei Zhang was already shaking with excitement, and he couldn’t wait to roar:

“Call! Sanshu, call!”

“Today, I want this trash to die!”

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