Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1312

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Chapter 1312

When the voices of Zheng Honglian and others broke into the eardrums of everyone in the Zhang family, the audience fell into a dead silence.

For a moment!

Everyone’s eyes seemed to be split apart!

Are they crazy, or are the four masters crazy?

Those are the four great masters, the hegemon who rules Jiangnan, the rulers with the most expensive property, and the wall that can never be crossed!

And now the four lord-level figures are kneeling before Shaun like dogs?

This scene is too shocking!

As if to crush their hearts completely!

Seeing the respectful and respectful appearance of the four great masters, everyone there felt that their backs were cold, and their throats seemed to be severely pinched.

At this time, Shaun didn’t need to speak, just that high-profile posture was enough to crush the ridicule there.

He is like a king!

And they are only worthy of surrender!

“This is impossible!”

Lei Zhang looked pale at this scene, dripping cold sweat.

He was completely shocked and stupid!

This guy clearly stole the collections of the four masters, but instead of being angry, the four masters bowed to him?

Is it all because of Elvira?

Lei Zhang trembled uncontrollably

No, this is not right!

Na Elvira is just a nominal Jiangnan Communist, and it is madly rumored that she has slept with a man to get her current status.

And it is not her that the four masters really awe at all, but the mysterious existence standing behind her!

In that case, how could they give Elvira a face?

What exactly is going on?

And now!

Mrs. Zhang also got paled, her eyes filled with unbelievable panic:

“Shaun, he didn’t lie, he didn’t lie! These gifts are really from the four masters!”

What she worries most, and what she fears most, really happened!

At this moment, the atmosphere completely solidified.

Everyone didn’t even dare to breathe for a while, at this time they didn’t even have the courage to look at Shaun directly.

For them, this scene is like a dream.

Even Zheng Honglian and others have to kneel down!

What kind of existence they have insulted?



At this moment, lingering in everyone’s heart, making them all shudder!


At this time, Zhang Wenxiang also had his hair on top, and asked tremblingly:

“Four masters, is it true that you gave these gifts to the Zhang family?”


At this moment, everyone’s scalp was numb, and their bodies became tight instantly, looking at the four masters extremely nervously.

As if looking forward to it, waiting for their reply!

Zheng Honglian said with a cold face:


Is not it?

Everyone was taken aback first, and then sneered one after another.

Not really!

They just said, this waste, how can the four masters surrender their favorite collections and donate them to the Zhang family?

But what Zheng Honglian said next made everyone there completely desperate!

They saw Zheng Honglian’s face gloomy and looked at Zhang Wenxiang with extreme contempt:

“What is your Zhang family worthy of giving our gifts?”

“These gifts are all from us to Mr. Lin!”

Given to Shaun?

At this moment, everyone there couldn’t believe their ears.

In Zheng Honglian’s eyes, isn’t the Zhang family’s status better than a waste person?

How can this be?

Upon hearing this, everyone even felt that Zheng Honglian was crazy!


At this time, Ye Shihao also sneered:

“Hehe, a declining wealthy man really regards him as a green onion? Don’t take a pee to show his virtue!”

“If it weren’t for Mr. Lin, do you think your Zhang family is qualified to let us give gifts?”

“A group of people with eyesore offended Mr. Lin. Do you still want to establish a foothold in Jiangnan? It’s just a dream!”

For a moment!

Everyone in the Zhang family felt the shame to the extreme!

They were beaten by this waste person?

This is simply a shame!

The four big masters simply blinded their dogs. Even if their Zhang family has fallen, they are still skinny and bigger than horses.

What qualifications does Shaun have to compare with them?

At this time, Mrs. Zhang’s face was a little unhappy.

What did she hear?

If you offend Shaun, you can’t get a foothold in Jiangnan?

Based on this waste, can their life and death be determined?

Are you kidding me?

Mrs. Zhang’s face suddenly sank, with a deep disdain on her face, just treating the four masters’ words as a joke!

Immediately, she mocked:

“Really? Then I want to see how this rubbish prevents my Zhang family from entering Jiangnan!”

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