Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1313

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Chapter 1313

Hearing this!

The four masters all looked at her and shook their heads mockingly.

She doesn’t even know when she will die, she is really a damn ghost who can’t persuade good words!

They wanted to see if they could still be so arrogant after Zhang Family knew Shaun’s identity.

However, Shaun sneered at Zhang Family’s attitude, and then said:

“Since Mrs. Zhang despises the gift I gave, take it back!”

Ye Shihao suddenly snorted:

“How can they deserve this treasure?”

“Humiliating Mr. Lin, it’s better to feed the dog instead of them!” Zheng Honglian also took back her gift.

“If it weren’t for Mr. Lin’s face, how could I be willing to give this old Mr. Liu Gongqing’s painting to these bereaved dogs?” Sima Long smiled and took the painting back.

And everyone in the Zhang family, after seeing them retrieve the treasures, their eyes suddenly turned red!

In their eyes, there is strong greed and desire!

If these things were really stolen by Shaun, then forget it.

But the problem is, these gifts are all prepared by Shaun to give them to the Zhang family!

Just now, Zhang Wenxiang had already evaluated these treasures.

The painting of landscape made by master Liu Gongqing is worth 80 million!

Thousand-year ginseng, 91 million!

Tang Qinghua, 78 million!

Queen Mother Hosta, 110 million!

These are all astronomical treasures that can be not be ignored!

The audience thought that the dragon-patterned bronze statue was the most expensive and rare treasure, but they didn’t expect the other four treasures to be as valuable as the dragon-patterned bronze statue.

Especially Mrs. Zhang!

Seeing these treasures that should have belonged to her, they were just taken back by Shaun, so she felt that her heart was bleeding.

Thick jealousy suddenly appeared on her face!

Immediately, she said with anger:

“You don’t need to be happy too early, this waste has stolen the blood master’s thing, and now the blood master is furious, it will not be long before he will come to Jiang City.”

“At that time, not only this waste will be unlucky, but you nosy fellows will not escape being held accountable!”


Hearing this, everyone there suddenly woke up as they were dreaming.

Yes indeed!

This waste now even if four big masters are supporting him, but don’t forget, there is a more terrifying blood master who already hates Shaun!

How can such a terrifying existence be resisted by the power of these four people?

After reacting, everyone in the Zhang family showed ill-intentioned smiles again.

Although there was a little episode in the middle, there is no way to change the ending.

They could feel how angry the blood master was after knowing that his things had been stolen as if he wanted to smash Shaun into pieces.

When he arrives, Shaun will undoubtedly die!

“Hahaha, Shaun, you idiot! You still want to prevent our Zhang family from entering Jiangnan, wait until you survive!”

Lei Zhang stared at Shaun sadly:

“Now not only you are going to die, but even the four idiots behind you have to follow bad luck with you!”

“When you die, Jiangnan will be in chaos, and at that time, I will take care of Elvira for you, and she and I will definitely be playing every night!”

He has long heard that Elvira is a rare beauty!

After the four giants in the south of the Yangtze River fell, Elvira would have no backing. At that time, he will do whatever he wanted to her?

Thinking that Shaun is going to die and he will play with his wife.

Lei Zhang was shaking with excitement.

Hearing this!

A thick murderous intent appeared on Shaun’s face:

“Happiness? No, you will die!”


As soon as Shaun’s voice fell, a terrifying whistling sound resounded throughout the hotel!

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