Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1314


Everyone saw that countless dazzling white lights were sweeping wildly in the field, and the roar of helicopters continued to ring around the hotel!

The next moment, under the horrified eyes of everyone!

Bang bang bang!

One after another, the figures broke through the window in an instant, and suddenly appeared in front of everyone!

Ten people!

Fifty people!

One hundred people!

Dressed in blood, full of fierce eyes!

These over a hundred people are all like angry lions and evil tigers, and their murderous aura is strong to the extreme!

Completely detonated the audience!

“Blood…people of blood prison!”

After everyone saw these people, their scalp numb!

Because they all know that these people are all lunatics!

A group of desperate lunatics!

Because the master they serve is the craziest and scary man in the world.

They can clearly feel the extremely crazy killing intent from these blood prison powerhouses.

This is simply a tiger and wolf teacher!

Just standing there made everyone there shudder.

The temperature around it also seemed to drop to freezing point at this moment!

“The Blood Lord is here!”

The audience was completely shocked!

There was a deep horror in everyone’s eyes, and they had realized something.

The Blood Lord has come, and even he has brought more than a hundred powerful men of the blood prison!

You don’t need to think about it or know that he is here to inquire!


Seeing this Lei Zhang got crazy, what he had been waiting for for a long time, finally came!

Shaun must die!

“Shaun, the blood master is here for you to settle the account, you can kneel and wait for death!”

Lei Zhang said cheerfully while looking at Kelly with contempt:

“Kelly, is this the backer you were looking for? Thinking that with this rubbish, you can make our Zhang family yield?”

“Hahaha, your wishful thinking has failed!”

And hearing this.

The Zhang family also looked at Kelly contemptuously, and they were mocking Kelly for having eyes and no beads, and believing in a trash son-in-law?

Now, she deserves to be implicated!

Everyone there also felt that there would be no more accidents this time.

Shaun is completely over now!

All Zhang family members at this moment, gloating at Shaun.

It’s like looking at a dead person!

Da da da…

At this moment, a steady sound of footsteps gradually approached from outside the door.

In audience!

There is dead silence!

Everyone realized who was the one who appeared on the stage, so all held their breath at this time.

There was deep awe on that face!

Even the people of the Zhang Family had to put away their previous arrogance after seeing the Blood Lord coming, and at this time showed respect and flattery.

Because they knew very well that even their Zhang family couldn’t offend this existence.

Then, under the awe and scorching eyes of everyone, a figure slowly walked in.

The suit is neat and expensive!

The deep eye sockets are hiding the sharp eyes, full of death like a vulture.

He was holding a cigar obliquely in his mouth, and his terrifying gaze slowly swept across the field, as if overlooking a group of ants.

People who look at him felt their numb, like a scourge, standing in front of them.

Let them even have trouble breathing!

“Blood Lord, you are welcome!”

At this moment, Mrs. Zhang’s face suddenly resembled that of a dog’s tail flower market, and she greeted him with a flattering gesture.

Behind her, Lei Zhang, Zhang Wenxiang, and others were also in respect.

Their faces were full of excitement and awe!

They all know that this is the best opportunity to curry favor with the Blood Lord!

At this time, Lei Zhang couldn’t restrain the killing intent in his heart, pointed at Shaun with a sinister expression, and said to the blood master:

“Blood Lord, the crap you are looking for is him!”

After taking a look at Shaun, Perkins withdrew his gaze indifferently:

“I’m not here for him!”

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