Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1315

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Chapter 1315


After hearing Perkins’ words, both the Zhang family and the guests were stunned at this moment.

The bright smile on their faces completely froze!

Didn’t you come to find Shaun?

Shaun stole your things, you came so excitedly, didn’t you come to beat him?

Then who are you looking for?


An ominous premonition suddenly appeared in the hearts of Mrs. Zhang and others, and they asked with trembling voices:

“Blood Lord, he stole your things. If you don’t ask him to settle the account, who are you looking for?”

For a moment!

Everyone couldn’t help casting horrified glances at Perkins.

Under the uneasy eyes of everyone, Perkins stared coldly at Mrs. Zhang and others:

“I’m here for you!”


When Perkins’s words fell, everyone, there was in a complete uproar.

Here to find Zhang’s family?

Their Zhang family has not offended the Blood Lord, why did the Blood Lord be here for them?

At this time, many questions lingered in the hearts of everyone.

And the uneasy feeling of the Zhang family at this moment became more and more intense.

Their legs were trembling constantly, and they said in extreme horror:

“You are here for us, what are you saying!”

And now!

Perkins took out a pen and took off the cap slowly.

Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded and didn’t know what Perkins was planning to do.

At this moment, a brutal smile appeared on Perkins’s face:

“Because your Zhang family is damned!”


That sharp pen, at this moment, fiercely pierced towards Zhang Wenxiang, the nearest to him!


It hit Zhang Wenxiang’s eyeballs!

In no time he fell back and died!


This scene completely plunged everyone there into endless madness!


The Blood Lord is crazy!

Murder Zhang’s Third Master in front of everyone?

Looking at Zhang Wenxiang who fell on the ground with blood from his eye sockets people’s hair seemed to stand upside down!

So vicious!

Without the slightest hesitation, he killed him with one blow!


Seeing that her son was killed on the spot, Mrs. Zhang got scared and paralyzed on the ground, with extreme panic on her face:

“Blood Lord, why you killed my son?”

She is crying!

With grief and despair!

They have never offended Perkins, and even Zhang Wenxiang has a relationship with Perkins.

Why did he kill him?

But Perkins, with a vicious face, took out a handkerchief with extreme disgust and wiped the blood in his hands:

“You all dared to refuse what I give?”

“It’s really shameless!”


Once again, everyone roared!

Everyone trembled like a shock!

Something from the Blood Lord?

The bronze statue with dragon pattern was given by the blood master?

At this time, everyone was horrified to discover that the reason why the blood master was so angry was not because of Shaun.

But because of Zhang’s family!


Everyone in the Zhang family was completely desperate at this moment!

That bronze statue with dragon patterns was given by the blood master?

In other words, what Shaun said was true!

Lei Zhang was startled, his legs trembled uncontrollably, and he was about to pee.

He thought that when the Blood Lord came this time, he would definitely find Shaun to settle the accounts, but he did not expect that the Blood Lord came to their Zhang family to settle the accounts!

At this time, Mrs. Zhang was crying.

In her heart, there was endless grief and despair!

If she had accepted Shaun’s gift then nothing would happen, but she wanted to humiliate Shaun, thinking that Shaun had stolen those things!

What’s more, when Shaun was about to leave, she blocked him!

Want to kill him on the spot!

As a result, she contradicted the blood master who killed her son!

She was the one who pushed the Zhang family to death bit by bit!


This is stupid!

However, the truly desperate is yet to come!

Under the horrified eyes of everyone, Perkins walked directly towards Shaun and said in a calm tone:

“Mr. Lin, are you okay?”

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