Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1316

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Chapter 1316

Mr. Lin, are you okay?

When these words resounded, the audience suddenly fell into a strange silence!

And everyone’s hearts seemed to have felt a violent tsunami!

At this moment, everyone couldn’t believe their ears, feeling that their souls were about to leave their bodies.

It’s incredible!

The four great masters are humbling to Shaun, but even the existence of Blood Lord is so polite to Shaun?

Especially, this is the Blood Prison, except for the Blood Lord with the highest status as the King of the Blood Prison!

How is this possible?

Especially Lei Zhang, crying at this time:

“Impossible… this trash can’t be…!”

After seeing this scene, Mrs. Zhang felt that her heart was beating wildly.

Everything is understood!

Those gifts were really given to Shaun by the Blood Lord and the Four Great Lords!

Shaun explained that but she didn’t believe it!

Kelly explained that she didn’t believe it either!

Mrs. Zhang felt dizzy, and fall down on the spot.

And seeing the maddened Zhang family, Shaun didn’t have any kindness on his face, only endless mockery:

“I said that people will die today! Since you want to make the birthday party a funeral party, then I will fulfill your wish now!”

The audience became silent!

No one dared to refute Shaun’s words!

Because everything he said has been fulfilled!

At this moment, everyone looked at Shaun with an unbelievable look. Is this guy special trash?

But why does this waste have such terrifying energy?

At this time, Mrs. Zhang’s eyes were full of hatred, and she looked at Shaun with a complex expression:

“Who on earth are you?”

A waste, it is impossible to have such an influence!

Shaun twitched his mouth and sneered:

“Forgot to tell you. The King of Blood Prison has officially reached cooperation with New Bai Group and decided to jointly produce a new type of pneumonia vaccine.”

“The one who facilitated the cooperation is me!”

A statement came out!

Everyone’s expressions got extremely bitter.

It turned out that this is the case!

No wonder the Blood Lord was so polite to Shaun, and even gave Shaun his favorite antique.

No wonder, he dared to participate in this seemingly non-stop Hongmen party.

It’s all because of that terrifying man…

King of Blood Prison!

And Mrs. Zhang’s face was also filled with a thick self-deprecating smile.

She regretted it, why didn’t she listen to Kelly’s advice just now, but now it is too late to regret it.


Shaun cast a gloomy look at Lei Zhang:

“You said you want to sleep with my wife?”


Lei Zhang’s scalp suddenly numb, and he screamed directly:

“Grandma, save me! I don’t want to die, grandma save me!”

He knew very well that Shaun definitely could kill him at this time!

And how can the mere Mrs. Zhang resist the power of the blood prison?

Hearing these words!

Mrs. Zhang hesitated for a moment, and after all, she sighed and knelt on the ground, looking at Kelly with complicated eyes:

“Kelly, grandma knows Lei Zhang was wrong, please let your elder brother go!”

Her words were like a knife, pierced Kelly’s heart fiercely.

Before, when she was making things difficult, it could be seen that Mrs. Zhang pleaded for her?

Isn’t she the Zhang family?

Granny Zhang couldn’t imagine how much damage she would do to Kelly now.

After a while, a self-deprecating smile appeared at the corner of Kelly’s mouth:

“Big Brother Lin, please let him go! He is my grandfather’s eldest grandson After all!”

Shaun frowned but didn’t want to add Kelly’s pain, and then said with a gloomy face:

“From today, the Zhang family will get out of the Jiangnan and will never enter!”

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