Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1323

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Chapter 1323

At this time!

Director Xu seemed to have seen a ghost, he was actually scared to kneel on the spot!

His face was pale, his hands trembled and picked up the seal, and said in horror:

“This…this is!”

This texture. .. This look…

He didn’t make a mistake!


He looked at Lin Fan in disbelief:

“Impossible! This is impossible! How can this thing be in your hands?”

This seal is a symbol of power and status!

In the underground world, it is equivalent to the existence of a jade seal in ancient times!

With this seal, you can order the entire underground world, how could it appear on the waste son-in-law, Lin Fan?

This is impossible!


Seeing this, everyone present was dumbfounded!

Director Xu, actually knelt down to this trash?

Right now, everyone is rubbing their eyes vigorously, wondering if they are dazzled.

Director Xu was so aggressive just now, he wanted to put Lin Fan to death!

But now!

After seeing Lin Fan take out the shabby seal, he was so scared to kneel on the spot?



A pair of unbelievable eyes, at this moment, stared at the seal.

What is this thing?

See here!

The Xiao family father and son couldn’t help being stunned. There was a sudden ominous premonition in their hearts.

Is this seal worth five billion yuan?

It’s just that, under everyone’s astonished eyes, Lin Fan smiled slightly and looked at Director Lin with interest:

“Because this thing is me. Of!”


Director Lin was immediately stunned, with deep despair and fear on his face, and kowtow to Lin Fan like crazy:

“Little damn! Little, I don’t know it’s you! Please! Forgive me for being a dog!”

Fear and fear!


At the end of the talk, Director Lin actually cried bitterly! The appearance of

Was obviously shocked!

Because he knows very well how terrifying the owner of this seal is!

That is dominating the entire underground world, ordering the existence of countless overlords…

The dark emperor!

The emperor of the underground world!

And he, not only humiliated him, but even threatened him?

This is looking for death!

Director Lin’s back was completely wet, and he was almost fainted at the thought of making such a big mistake.

In an instant, the eyes of the guests who looked at Lin Fan changed, and the colors in their eyes were extremely shocked.

The impact of this scene is too great for them!


When they saw Director Lin’s crying and urinating appearance, they all felt their brains buzzing.

Director Lin is in Jiangbei, and he is considered a big man. He has to give three points for both black and white, and he is called brother to many powerful people.

But now!

However, after seeing the black seal that Lin Fan took out, he was completely scared and paralyzed to the ground, begging for forgiveness.

This is incredible!

Makes them all feel like they are dreaming!

Not only them, but even Bai Yi was dumbfounded, her pretty eyes glowing with incredible light, staring at the seal firmly.

Because of this seal, she has seen it!

About a month ago, she found it in Lin Fan’s drawer and found it ugly! After

, she used this seal to cushion the foot of the bed!

But now, Lin Fan took out this seal and scared the person in charge of Jin Fuli Shi in Jiangbei?

What is the terrible origin of this seal?

And now!

Lin Fan smiled:

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to embarrass you!”

Heard this!

Director Lin was so moved that he was about to cry, and he was sincerely afraid to knock Lin Fan a few times:

“Thank you, sir! Thank you, sir for not killing!”
Director Lin at this time, his back was completely wet with cold sweat, and his whole person seemed to be fished out of a river.

For a moment, he felt that he had stepped into the ghost gate with one foot.

Because he knows very well that with the ability of the man in front of him, if he wants to kill him, it is just a sentence.

But right now!

Xiao Tingjun snarled extremely angrily:

“Director Lin, are you crazy? How could the broken seal be worth five billion? You definitely let this waste be fooled!”

He can’t accept this scene!


No matter what the seal is, it must be fake!

This waste must die today!


Director Lin glanced at him contemptuously:

“Five billion? An idiot with no bead! This seal is more than five billion?”

“Don’t say it’s five billion, even fifty billion! Five hundred billion! Can’t afford it!”

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