Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1324

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Chapter 1324


Director Lin’s words directly caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble crazily.

Huh! Huh!

In the entire auction venue, all sounds disappeared, and at this moment only the heavy and rapid breathing remained.

They are suffocating!

Can’t buy this shabby seal for $500 billion?


This is absolutely crazy!

What are the things under the sky that can be worth 500 billion?

At this moment, all of them couldn’t believe their ears, and their gazes full of fear were staring at the seal in Director Lin’s hand.
It’s not just them!

Even Xiao Youwei at this time couldn’t help but feel a deep horror on his face.

From the very beginning, he felt that this seal was very familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

And now, seeing Director Lin’s reaction, he is almost certain.


His old body was an uncontrollable frantic tremor, and the ominous premonition in his heart was extremely strong at this moment.

“Impossible, it is impossible! King, how could this kind of thing be given to such a waste?”

Xiao Youwei shook uncontrollably. Head, the palm of his hand was tightly gripped, and his expression looked a bit hideous.

“Dad, then…what the hell is that?”

Xiao Tingjun asked very nervously. At this moment, he felt something pressing on his heart, making him extremely unwell.

And when he asked, everyone looked at Xiao Youwei!

Everyone is extremely nervous, with sweat on the palms of their hands. They are crazy and want to know what it is.

“This is the underground world, the symbol of supremacy, the black seal of the emperor!”


After hearing these shocking words, the audience suddenly fell silent!

All the guests present were completely in a state of madness. Many of them collapsed to the ground in terror, with a thick panic on their faces!

At this moment, they all felt that every pore in their body was shaking.

They were all shocked by these shocking words!

The black seal of the emperor has supreme authority, and its owner is…

The dark emperor!

They finally know why Director Lin would say that even 500 billion can’t buy this seal.

Because this seal is enough to command the entire underground world, it represents the supreme power of darkness, this is truly priceless!


All of them couldn’t believe that the seal of the Dark Emperor would actually appear in the hands of this waste?

How is this possible!

Everyone’s eyes were splitting instantly, looking at Lin Fan in horror, couldn’t believe it!

Is this guy the Dark Emperor?


Thinking of this possibility, whether it was the guests who had insulted Lin Fan or the arrogant Xiao family father and son, they felt scalp numb.

Almost scared to pee on the spot!

After all, this is too shocking!

Who would have thought that an inconspicuous homecoming son-in-law would turn out to be the strongest man in the world?

If this is true, then they are looking for death!

“You can’t be the dark emperor! You can’t!”

Xiao Tingjun is going crazy at this time!

If Lin Fan is really the dark emperor, then their Xiao family is tantamount to eating the lord!

A dog bites its owner, what will happen?

That can be imagined!

For an instant, his father and son looked frightened, trembling like chaff, they were about to urinate.

This state is exactly the same as Director Na Lin!

And now!

Everyone, including Bai Yi, also looked at Lin Fan in horror! See you


Lin Fan smiled faintly:

“I am not the dark emperor!”

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