Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1325

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Chapter 1325

He Not the Dark Emperor!

Everyone was shocked!

Then why is this emperor’s black seal in Lin Fan’s hands?

This question lingers in Bai Yi’s heart at the same time.

And Lin Fan smiled and explained to Bai Yi:

“This emperor’s black seal was given to me by the dark emperor before, in order to deal with this situation. “

Then, his eyes were extremely cold looking towards the Xiao family father and son:

“Because he had known for a long time that you must be the leader of the Jiangnan Communist Party. It will cause dissatisfaction to some people, this black mark is a deterrent!”

Hear the words!

The Xiao family’s father and son trembled all of a sudden!
There is a deep fear in the eyes, and it seems that he can’t believe that the dark emperor has such a high regard for Bai Yi, and even handed these seals to Bai Yi.

Next moment!

Their faces are extremely gloomy!

They devoted all their loyalty to the Blood Prison and were willing to serve as a horse for the Dark Emperor.

But he handed such an important thing to a waste who has no background and ability?

This makes their hearts feel a lot of jealousy!

Why! ! !


The father and son lowered their heads, unwilling to let everyone see their expressions at this time, their eyes burst out with vicious and vicious looks like wolves.

Hate Bai Yi!

Also hates the Dark Emperor!

And then!

Lin Fan looked at Director Lin:

“Check out! We have other things!”

“No need, just take this thing we gave it to the Dark Emperor.” Director Lin said flatly, where would he dare to ask for that man’s money?

Not to mention!

This is a great opportunity to curry favor with the Dark Emperor. If you ask for money at this time, it is purely a brain kick to the donkey.

It’s a pity that Lin Fan smiled contemptuously:

“Sorry, the dark king said, he doesn’t want to owe favors!”
Then, Lin Fan picked up the black seal of the emperor and pressed it heavily on a piece of paper.

A dark black mark of the devil’s head suddenly appeared!

“Take this paper, fill in the amount, and cash it out at Global Bank!”


However, the one who received the money Director Lin was crying with a look of loss.

And then!

Lin Fan took Bai Yi and left the auction room.

After he left, all the rich people suddenly showed a deep bitterness.

He is very grateful that Lin Fan didn’t bother with them. If this guy uses this emperor’s black-printed fox to fake his power, they will all die!

“Quick! Let the order go on! Let the family owners never provoke Jiangnan Baiyi!”

“Go! Quickly follow me back to the family, prepare a generous gift, and go to Jiangshi to give Miss Bai Yi, please!”

“At any cost! Regardless of the consequences! In any case, the new Bai clan must reach a cooperation, which has won the favor of the emperor. Bai Yi has become unstoppable!”

, Everyone is not even in the mood to participate in the auction, and they leave quickly and burn their eyebrows.

And seeing the rich people who surrendered to them, now they are changing their doors in front of them.

The faces of Xiao Tingjun and Xiao Youwei are extremely gloomy!

“Dad, the dark emperor, took everything from us, why are we not as good as that bitch?”

Xiao Tingjun asked with envy, full of hatred.

At this time, Xiao Youwei’s face was also extremely gloomy:

“Since the Dark Emperor is ruthless, then don’t blame our Xiao family for being unjust! Don’t worry, today that bitch will die!”
Xiao Youwei has made up his mind to kill Bai Yi!

Betray the emperor!


And now!

Lin Fan took Bai Yi’s hand and wanted to leave Jiangbei.

“Lin Fan, what the hell is going on? That emperor’s black seal, really the dark emperor gave you?”

Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan suspiciously. She never felt that the Dark Emperor would give such an important thing to a small person like her.

There must be something strange here!

However, Lin Fan was unwilling to say more, and said coldly:

“I’ll explain to you later, let’s leave here first!”

“I don’t know. Why, the uneasy feeling in his heart became stronger and stronger.”

Now he just wants to leave Jiangbei quickly and return to Jiangshi!

See it!

Bai Yi couldn’t help but feel that something was wrong, so she didn’t dare to continue asking questions, and couldn’t help but speed up.

Something is going to happen?


Right now!

“Sorry, today you guys, can’t leave yet!”

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