Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1335

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Chapter 1335

When the words fell, the audience fell into a strange silence.

Everyone’s noise came to an abrupt end!

Whether it was the Xiao family father and son, or the guests present, they were all shocked after hearing this.

At this time, they couldn’t believe their ears!

He heard it wrong, he must have heard it wrong!

Xiao family, it’s over?

After Lin Fan made a phone call, someone reported to the Patriarch of the Xiao family, saying that the Xiao family was completely finished?

I’m confused!

They just feel that their worldview is completely split!

Is the Xiao family really going to end?

This waste really only took a minute, and a single phone call completely collapsed this immortal giant that has stood firm for hundreds of years?

This moment!

Everyone Qi Qi cast shocked and panic eyes at Lin Fan, almost frightened to pee on the spot.

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

At the moment, Xiao Youwei is going crazy, his eyes are suddenly thick and fierce, and his face is full of hideousness. And anger:

“My Xiao family has been in China for four hundred years, who can bring us down? You dare to talk nonsense, you are fired!”

He doesn’t believe anyone Can destroy their Xiao family!

“I don’t even believe that their Xiao family will be destroyed in the hands of a waste son-in-law. This is simply impossible!”

How powerful is their Xiao family, they have a solid foundation in Jiangbei, and they are well-deserved super overlords!

No one in this world can bring them down, no one!


The secretary at the other end was crying and said:

“Chairman, this is true! Just now, more than ten consortia around the world have jointly dealt with all the industries of our Xiao family. Initiated a hostile takeover, our stocks evaporated 10 billion in just one minute! “

“Moreover, it is still evaporating! Now the shareholders are crazy, the chairman of the board, You…what did you do?”


As soon as these words came out, Xiao Youwei’s mobile phone fell directly from his hand to the ground, his face was full of consternation, completely dumbfounded.

Ten consortia, maliciously acquiring their industries together?

A phone call has such a terrifying appeal?


This must be an illusion!

At this moment, the atmosphere completely fell silent.

Everyone seemed to be holding their breath. After hearing the secretary’s report, they were completely stunned.

Ten seconds!

Thirty seconds!

One minute!

Time passed quickly without knowing it, but everyone present was dumbfounded and motionless.

There was a deep fear in their eyes, as if they had expected something terrible to happen.
However, this is more than that!

Seeing Xiao Youwei getting on the phone, those senior Xiao family members who realized something was wrong also pressed the hands-free at this moment.

Follow along!

That desperate scene happened!

“Mr. Xiao, the bank requires us to repay all loans within three days, otherwise we will go to the court to sue us!”

“Manager, more than 20 properties under our name It has been sealed up. The police have collected all our criminal evidence, and all the senior leaders have been taken away!”

“President, all our customers, just called and unilaterally terminated our cooperation. , We are done!”

One call after another, was connected!

But it was… bad news! Bad news! It’s all bad news!


The Xiao family members were sitting on the ground one after another at this time!

“My whole body is shaking crazily!”

They couldn’t believe what they heard at this time!

The Xiao family was siege and suppressed, and it is at stake!


The next report drove everyone into madness as if they were electrocuted!

“Chairman, the latest order from the blood prison, we are officially kicked into the bleeding prison!”

“From now on, the blood prison and the Xiao family will never die!”

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