Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1336

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Chapter 1336


As soon as this remark came out, the Xiao family present and the countless guests were completely blown up at this moment.

Everyone seemed to feel that there seemed to be a cold current, from the soles of their feet, rushing to the sky!

The Xiao family was brutally besieged and suppressed, but even the backer behind them swept them out?

Oh my god!

Is the Xiao family really doomed today?

Everyone is unbelievable, this giant with a long history of four hundred years is about to end at this time!

This is incredible!

The Xiao family is completely petrified, and a pair of eyes are shocked!

In the Blood Prison, kicking them into the Blood Prison for the sake of a waste son-in-law, and even swearing against them?

This is like a fairy tale, it is difficult for them to accept!

Especially Xiao Tingjun!

At this time, he was almost scared to pee. He screamed in amazement:

“Why is this? Lin Fan is obviously a waste, how could it destroy our Xiao family? This is absolutely impossible because of him!”

Xiao Tingjun’s voice was filled with anger and unwillingness.

It’s not just him!

The Xiao family members present were all dead, unbelievable.

Extreme despair!

They just took Lin Fan’s words as a joke!

But now Lin Fan’s words are extremely incredible… come true!

It really took him only one minute to make them Xiao family lose all the games and completely collapse!

At this time, everyone saw with their own eyes that the 400-year immortal dynasty collapsed and vanished in an instant!

And this is just because of a waste?

and a phone call?

Everyone immediately seemed to have seen a ghost, their whole body trembled crazily, and their eyes looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

And at this time, Xiao Youwei seemed to have lost his soul, sitting weakly on the ground.

Last minute, he was a rich and powerful country, the Jiangbei Communist Party leader!

One minute later, he turned out to be a waste of nothing, completely bankrupt!

The next moment, he stared at Lin Fan:

“Who are you?”

Heard this!

Whether it is Xiao Tingjun, Bai Xue, or the guests present, they all showed extremely complicated expressions, staring at Lin Fan.

Because they know that if the other party is really a waste, there is no way to make a dynasty go to an end in just a minute!

Even the Blood Prison will be loyal to their Xiao family for ten years and go out for the waste in front of them!

For a moment, everyone’s faces were filled with horror and horror.

And the people of the Xiao family completely regretted it at this moment.

This waste should not be offended!
The Xiao family made a very serious mistake!

Now they are completely finished!

And now!

Lin Fan gave Xiao Youwei a faint glance:

“Soon, you will know who I am, and then, you will realize, what is true despair!”

“Take them! Go to Jiangshi!”

The four masters laughed and captured the Xiao family father and son and Bai Yan. At the same time tow towards the helicopter.

Throughout the whole process, no one dared to stop!

Because they all know that the Xiao family is completely finished!

At the same time!

Lin Fan looked at the remaining guests and said with a fierce expression:

“I have already given you a chance. Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!”
“Everyone breaks a leg by himself, or he will die!”


At the moment, an individual present was as if he was electrocuted, and then a bitter smile appeared on his face, and his head drooped in despair.

At this time, they all wanted to slap themselves fiercely!

If they hadn’t insulted Lin Fan repeatedly, how could they end up like this?

This is simply self-inflicted!


Lin Fan ignored them again, and went directly to the helicopter to Jiangshi.
And seeing it!

The guests present were all sitting on the ground! A bitter smile appeared on

‘s face:

“Jiangbei, the sky is going to change!”

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