Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1355

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Chapter 1355

And they know it better!

Nihuang Army and others, what are you laughing at now!

“Now, do you understand?”

The Ni Phoenix Army Seat looked at them coldly, and a deep cold appeared in his eyes:

“The waste in your mouth, the abandoned young man who was expelled by the family, is the famous forest seat of China today!”


These words made Lin Zekun completely desperate. He looked at Lin Fan dumbfounded, only feeling that every inch of his body was extremely cold.

His last support, turned out to be Lin Fan?

Is there anything more desperate in this world?

It’s not just them!

Bai Yan and others are also completely scared!

Lin Fan, is Lin Zuo?

They only felt that their worldview completely collapsed at this moment.

Lin Fan, the door-to-door son-in-law who was regarded as a joke by the Bai family, who was swept out by the Lin family four years ago, is the legendary Lin Zuo?

And they, unfortunately, completely offended them!

At this time they finally understood why Lin Fan could play them like monkeys time and time again.

With just one word, the entire Xiao family collapsed completely!

Lin Zuo, he does have such an ability!


At this time, Xiao Youwei slapped himself fiercely, tears in tears and grief:

“Idiot! Idiot!”
Offended Lin Zuo, leading to bankruptcy. Isn’t this an idiot?

“Dad, I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

Xiao Tingjun suddenly burst into tears, and finally got scared.

Before, he dared to ignore Lin Fan because he felt that this waste could not help him, but now…

Lin Fan is the Lin Zuo, and this existence pinches him to death. It’s like squeezing an ant to death, effortlessly!

Not only had those, Bai Yan also shed tears of despair at this time.

She knew very well that Lin Fan had already let her go once, and there would never be a second time!


She stayed abroad and nothing happened, but she couldn’t swallow that breath, so she ungratefully sought revenge on Bai Yi and Lin Fan.

It is even more vicious, wanting to smash their family into pieces!

Now, she is completely finished!

The whole audience is in chaos!

Everyone can’t believe their eyes at this moment!

A waste that is the least promising, but has become the most terrifying existence in the field today…

What a special thing, it’s incredible!

Even the King of the North couldn’t help showing a deep wry smile:

“So, this is what they said, can I offend the existence that I can’t afford?”
He really can’t afford to offend him!

However, there is more to it!

Looking at the people who have lost six gods, like Bai Yan who fell into hell, the corners of his mouth were raised with a gloomy arc.

“I am Lin Zuo, but I am more than Lin Zuo!”

“I am the boss of Universal Group!”

Universal Group?


The impact of this sentence is fatal to everyone present!

They just feel their nerves and are about to be confused.

Lin Fan is not only Lin Zuo, but also the top ten global behind-the-scenes BOSS among the top 100 global companies?

It’s just, more than that!

The arc of Lin Fan’s grinning mouth rose more and more, and then threw a terrorist bomb that detonated the audience:

“I, even the king of the blood prison!”
“I am the Huaxia Forest Seat, me the Global Boss, the King of the Blood Prison…also me!”


At the moment these words fell, Xiao Youwei, who was already distraught, fell to the ground, his expression still full of fear!

But people have died!

Was actually scared to death!

And Lin Zekun and others, the brain is blank at this time!

China Forest Block!

Global BOSS!

The King of Blood Prison!

Turned out to be the same person?

God, he really made a big joke with them!

At this time, they were completely paralyzed by the shock in front of them.

Even if the world were to die at this moment, they wouldn’t have any reaction, all of them showed silly smiles.

Like a madman!

“Hahaha, the sky will kill me Lin Zekun, and the sky will kill me Lin Zekun!”

Lin Zekun laughed loudly, but howled like mourning!

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