Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1356

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Chapter 1356

Lin Zekun at this time, like a nervous disorder, crying and laughing.

Because he knows…

He is completely finished!

And, it’s not just him!

Even the entire Lin family is completely finished!

He never dreamed that this waste would grow to such a terrifying level in just ten years.


No matter whether it is power, force, or wealth, they are inferior to this man!

The demise of the Lin family is just a matter of time!

What kind of monster did their Lin family force out?

It’s not just him!

Bai Yan was completely dumbfounded after hearing Lin Fan’s words. At this time, her eyes were wide and she couldn’t believe her ears.

This trash has three such terrifying identities?

She deeply realized that she was so wrong!

The trash brother-in-law who was regarded as trash and humiliated by her in every way, turned out to be such a terrifying existence.

If she knew that Lin Fan had such an identity from the beginning, how could she dare to insult Lin Fan again and again?


Immediately, Bai Yan also burst into laughter, shook her head vigorously, that smile was full of self-deprecation and irony!

It is ridiculous!

It’s so ridiculous!

The trash that the Bai family has always looked down upon is Lin Zuo, the lord of the chaebol, and the dark emperor!

They have no eyes!

At this time, Bai Yan couldn’t help thinking, if they didn’t humiliate Lin Fan that way at the beginning, what would happen?

She is afraid that even the Lin family in Beijing will have to look at their faces to get through their lives, right?

As long as you follow in the footsteps of this man, even chickens and dogs can ascend to heaven!

Unfortunately, there is no if!

Their Bai family has completely missed this opportunity, and now she is also completely finished!

The true despair has come!

And after seeing the nightmare finally come true, a deep bitterness appeared on the face of the King of the North. It turned out that what Dragon Tiger and God of War said was true, so it was true that even he could not provoke him. Up.

The Lin family, the wise one was confused for a while, dare to offend such a monster, this is deliberately seeking death!

“Our Lin family, we should have killed you!”

Lin Zekun roared hysterically, with a deep hatred in his eyes!

Now, everything is over!

Lin Fan is already full-fledged now, and their Lin family has nothing to do with him anymore.


But, the voice just fell off!

Lin Zekun’s head was under Lin Fan’s feet, instantly torn apart!

Turn into mashed meat!
On the spot, he died tragically!


Seeing this, the grinning smiles on the faces of the blood prison mad gods and others are extremely rich.

As if being touched by the switch, Qi Qi screamed frantically:


A group of strong blood prisoners, It was a crazy culling, with a bloodthirsty grin on his face, and swept at the Lin family strong!

Puff puff!

Blood splashed out one after another!

The screams resounded endlessly!

The entire Rose Manor, instantly transformed into a Shure Field!

Wang Mingzhe’s face was completely ashen. He knelt before Lin Fan and cried out hoarsely:

“Don’t kill me, please! I’ll help you To deal with the Lin family, I know that the Lin family has a lot of black material! “

Lin Zekun is his patron!

Without Lin Zekun, he would be completely finished.


Lin Fan volleyed and kicked Wang Mingzhe’s chest, exploding a bloody mist on the spot.

Then Wang Mingzhe flew upside down and slammed into Xiao Tingjun’s body. The two slammed into the wall and turned into flesh.

Completely tragic death!

Tonight, Lin Fan is hotter than ever!

Killing the cutting fruit!

However, there is more to it!
In the next instant, he cast a cold look at Bai Yan, his killing intent was expanding infinitely.

Bai Yan’s face was filled with a wry smile, and looked at Lin Fan idiotically:

“I originally had a chance to follow you, didn’t I?”

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