Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1374

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Chapter 1374

When he heard this, Lin Fan sneered and went straight. Staring at Li Xunran:

“Do you really want to insult yourself?”


Li Xunran suddenly became angry, and said angrily:

“Is it because of my own humiliation, or Lin’s magical skills are not as good as others, I don’t know now?” “If I find out that the genius doctor Lin is fake, I promise that your Xinbai clan’s end will be extremely miserable!”

‘s words, there is already a strong threat!

“Okay! Then I’ll take you to see the genius doctor Lin!”

Lin Fan smiled faintly, and then led the way directly in front.

Li Xunran’s face sank, and he followed Lin Fan’s footsteps.


As soon as they walked away, everyone sneered and cast a bad smile at Bai Yi.

“Bai Yi, don’t struggle to death. No matter what tricks you play, there is only a dead end.”

“When Miss Li comes back, you will wait to be transferred to the agency. Go to jail!”

There was a sneer, and it kept ringing!

Bai Yi at this time was extremely desperate!

“You are targeting me, please let Lin Fan go!”

She followed closely, and she cried and pleaded with them. She already knew she was finished. But she didn’t want to hurt Lin Fan.

Hear the words!

Old man Bai smiled unkindly:

“Yes, as long as you hand over the patent for the formula, I can consider killing Lin Fan!”
As long as the patent is obtained, Lin Fan can’t be let go, isn’t it just a matter of him?


Bai Yi knew that the other party might lie to her, but he cried and nodded:

“Okay, I will give you the patent, I I’ll give you everything, I just ask you to spare Lin Fan’s life!”

This time!

She was completely desperate, and desperately wanted to keep Lin Fan.

“Hahaha, Bai Yi, do you have today?”

Bai Yifan also smiled gloomily:

“It’s good to be aware of current affairs! Come, prepare the contract!”


One contract was taken up and placed in front of Bai Yi.

Seeing this, Bai Yi only felt chilled. It turned out that Old Man Bai had prepared everything.

Just waited for this moment and forced her to submit!

And now!
Bai Yi tremblingly picked up the pen, and then signed her name on those contracts and printed her fingerprints.

“In this way, Bai’s Medicine has returned to my Bai family’s hands!”

Old man Bai laughed wildly when he looked at the contracts.

Not only Bai’s medicine, but also the formula patents have also been in their hands.

In this way, they no longer have to be controlled by Lin Fan!

At this time!

Bai Yi looked at Father Bai and others pleadingly:

“Grandpa, can you promise me now and let Lin Fan go?”


Old man Bai smiled sinisterly:

“Don’t worry! Now, as long as you admit in front of all the reporters that you have taken away our Bai family’s property and formula, I promised to release it. Pass Lin Fan!”


Bai Yi suddenly looked at Father Bai in surprise.

This is driving her to the absolute path!


She gave a wry smile, then cried and yelled:

“I took away the property of the Bai family, and I made the fake medicine to harm people. I did everything. Yes, it has nothing to do with Lin Fan, please let Lin Fan go!”


She got the answer she wanted, everyone in the Bai family burst into laughter!


Bai Yi is completely finished!

After all the Bai family members heard this, they all cast a look at Bai Yi with a look of death!

“Bai Yi, you admit it yourself, you are not dead now?”

“This idiot! Actually thinking that we would let Lin Fan go, it’s really whimsical! Me! Let me tell you, your couple are destined to be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks!”

Bai Yifan laughed wildly, as if in his opinion, Lin Fan and Bai Yi were already dead.

“You have already promised me, but what you say is nothing?”

Bai Yi was completely dumbfounded, she did not expect these people to be so shameless and cold-blooded.

He obviously has come to such a miserable end, and they have also got what they want, but they are still cold-blooded, unwilling to let Lin Fan go?

There was a thick grin on the corners of Mr. Bai’s mouth:

“You two have lost their conscience, ruined the reputation of my Bai family, and even killed people. How could our Bai family be lighthearted? Forgive you?”

“You guys, wait to sit in the prison!”

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