Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1375

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Chapter 1375

And now!

Lin Fan led Li Xunran to another room.

“Where’s the genius doctor Lin?”

Li Xunran asked impatiently, this room was empty and there was no one.

Is this guy lying to himself?

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said in a shocking voice:

“I am the genius doctor Lin!”


Li Xunran’s expression changed wildly, astonishment suddenly appeared on her pretty face, looking at Lin Fan strangely.

What did she just hear?

Lin Fan, is the genius doctor Lin?


Soon, a thick ridicule appeared on her face, and she looked at Lin Fan with contempt:

“Do you really consider me an idiot? Lin Fan, I have heard of you, a little white face who depends on a woman to support him. How can you be the genius doctor of Lin?”

“Sure enough, you are lying to me, trying to delay time! I will contact China now! The medical industry, let’s punish you Xinbaishi together!”


She took out her mobile phone and planned to make a call.

And Lin Fan glanced at her faintly, then directly took out his mobile phone and dialed Ye Shihao’s number:

“Let them come in!”

No After waiting for a long time, a group of people came in from outside carrying a stretcher.

The moment they saw Lin Fan, they were crying for their father and mother, and knelt down towards Lin Fan.

Crazy kowtow!

Pleaded in unison:

“Mr. Lin, please, save my grandpa!”


Aside, Li Xunran, who heard this, was immediately stunned, and her brain went blank.

Lin… Lin’s genius doctor?
Is he really a genius doctor?


Li Xunran’s eyes were filled with deep anxiety and fear, and trembling fingers pointed at Lin Fan:

“You…you are actually really Is it the genius doctor Lin?”

She was completely stunned!

Isn’t this guy the wasteful son-in-law of the Bai family?

How did he become Lin’s genius doctor?

One is the most dazzling star in Chinese medicine, and the other is the most humble dust in the world.

How can these two be the same person?

Immediately, Li Xunran’s face was filled with astonishment.

In an instant, she understood everything!

No wonder Lin Fan is so self-confident that he dared to let the great doctor Lin come out and bet against himself, because he is the great doctor Lin!

But Lin Fan didn’t care about her reaction at all. He pointed to Long Jiu, who was half alive on the stretcher, and said to Li Xunran:

“Whoever can cure him well, no matter who How about winning?”


Li Xunran took a look, then furiously said:

“Are you kidding me? This person is clearly brain dead! How can I be saved?”
According to her years of medical experience, she can tell at a glance that Long Jiu is already in a state of dying illness, and the gods are hard to save.

If there is no medical miracle, it is impossible to wake up!

Lin Fan smiled slightly and said:

“Then if I save him, you have to admit that you have lost in front of everyone and help hide my identity. In addition. ..”

“You have to go to my Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital and sweep the floor for a month!”


Upon hearing this, Li Xunran suddenly flew into a rage, and asked her, a genius doctor, to go to the hospital to sweep the floor?

Is this insulting her?

Immediately, Li Xunran snorted and said angrily:

“Lin Fan, let alone you, even if my master is here, he can’t be saved! I don’t believe that your medical skills are better than my master!”

“Things that do not live or die, if you lose, I want you to kneel in front of everyone and tell them you are in my master’s eyes. , Not as good as a dog!”

See it!

Lin Fan was completely stunned, this woman is really cruel!

“Okay, I promise you!”

Lin Fan nodded lightly, then took out the silver needle and walked towards Long Jiu.


Li Xunran disdainfully smiled, and looked at Long Jiu’s family members:

“Are you really going to let him mess around? The old man has died miserably, and will be how can you tolerate human beings?”

She thought her words could make Long Jiu’s family feel the same.

“But how did you know that upon hearing this, all the members of the Long Family were completely furious and roared frantically:”

“Shut up! What kind of thing are you worthy of insulting Doctor Lin?”

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