Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1376

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Chapter 1376

“The rat is short-sighted, you don’t even know Doctor Lin. What a patience!”

“Hurry up, our Long Family can’t take care of your nostalgia!”

The Long Family’s people are completely angry!

There is a deep hatred on his face!

Their Long Family relied on Long Jiu to gain a firm foothold in China. Once Long Jiu died, their Long Family was completely over!

The genius Doctor Lin was the person recommended by Ye Shihao himself. How could it be wrong?

In their opinion, Li Xunran prevented Lin Fan from saving Long Jiu, and that would be harming their Long Family!

“You…you are simply unreasonable!”

Li Xunran’s lungs are going to explode, these people actually listen to this guy’s slander?

What a fool!

“Well, since you don’t listen, then I don’t bother to care about you, you just wait to regret it!”

And now!

Lin Fan didn’t lift his eyelids, and said lightly:

“Half an hour, the old man will definitely recover!”


Hearing this, Li Xunran sneered with yin and yang, her face even more contemptuous.

Half an hour?

Not to mention half an hour, even half a month, half a year, Lin Fan was in vain.
She doesn’t believe in a brain-dead person, can he come back from death?

The so-called genius doctor Lin is really a liar!


Half an hour later, that incredible scene happened!

After Lin Fan’s Silver Needle coefficient fell, the dying Long Jiu suddenly opened his eyes!

He asked in a weak voice:

“Me, what’s the matter?”


The audience was completely shocked!

Everyone’s eyes are filled with a deep astonishment!

Woke up!

Really woke up!

And, it really took less than half an hour!

“Impossible! This is illogical!”

Li Xunran’s face was full of shock, and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

The old man is clearly brain-dead, which is no different from a dead person.

But why, can you come back from the dead?

This is impossible in modern medicine unless a miracle occurs.

What the hell is going on!




All the Long family members roared ecstatically, and then rushed towards Long Jiu.

One by one, we are already crying into tears!

“Dad, the genius doctor Lin saved you!”

The genius doctor Lin?

Long Jiu was stunned, and then he looked at Lin Fan not far away. After seeing Lin Fan clearly, his old face was suddenly full of horror.

When he was about to get up and salute Lin Fan:


But before he could speak, Lin Fan interrupted him:

“Okay, get up!”

Long Jiu was completely stunned. Knowing that Lin Fan didn’t want to reveal his identity, he smiled bitterly:

“Thank you, Dr. Lin!”

The other dragons knelt in front of Lin Fan, and each one was grateful:

“Thank you, Doctor Lin! If it weren’t for your help, we the old man of the family, I am afraid that there will be death!”

“The genius doctor Lin, is really a wonderful rejuvenation! The word genius doctor is well deserved!”

“Fortunately, I didn’t believe the little woman. Nonsense, or else the old man will really be exhausted!”

And this time!

Li Xunran’s pretty face was completely pale, looking at Lin Fan in disbelief:

“Impossible! You…how did you do it?”

Even what her master couldn’t do, Lin Fan only took half an hour to finish it easily?

All the time!
She thinks Yao Lao is ridiculously complimenting Lin Fan!

But now, she has to believe that Lin Fan’s medical skills are indeed superior to Yao Lao!

Because of him, a dead person has really recovered from death!


At this time, Li Xunran’s heart only had endless shock!

She was completely scared!

It is the first time that she has seen such a case since she has been in medicine for so many years.


Lin Fan did not answer her question, but only smiled:

“Take some time and go to my Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital to clean the floor!” /div

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