Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1377

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Chapter 1377

Hear this!

Li Xunran’s face was suddenly hard to see the extreme.

Ever since she was little, she has not been as embarrassed as she is today!

Because she has been radiant since she was a child and was welcomed by the stars like the moon, she is a genius among geniuses.

Is also known as the heir of Yao Lao!

Gradually, she also feels that she is the hope of China Pharmaceuticals!

Until a psychiatrist Lin was born, he shocked the entire China and took away the glory that originally belonged to her.

So she has always been unwilling, and wants to compete with the so-called genius doctor Lin.

Now, she has indeed gotten her wish and competed with God Doctor Lin, but in just half an hour, she was completely defeated!

Her pride was completely crushed by Lin Fan at this moment!

Soon, her expression gradually changed from jealousy to bitter.

Is this what the great doctor Lin can do?

“Sure enough, I was short-sighted!”

Then, she snorted:

“Don’t worry, since I lose, I will definitely fulfill my promise.”

“Doctor Lin, I Li Xunran is willing to bow down!”


And now!

Outside, the Bai family pressed against Bai Yi step by step and humiliated them!


After hearing Li Xunran’s extremely angry roar, they laughed happily.

Lin Fan, let Li Xunran save a dead person?

Is he crazy?

“Hahaha, Lin Fan’s trash is really delaying time!”

Bai Yifan looked like “I knew it”, and Bai Yi’s eyes looked like Looking at a joke:

“It’s a pity, he picked the wrong person, so he dared to make an axe in front of Miss Li? What an idiot!”

All the reporters also shook their heads. They really let Lin Fan be fooled.

Let Li Xunran treat a dead person?

Lin Fan can figure it out!

“Now Miss Li is also annoyed by you, then you knew Bai family, it is useless to not die!”

“Bai Yi, now the truth is revealed, wait As soon as Miss Li comes out, you will be completely finished!”

The people of the Bai family are ecstatic!

Even Song Yue and Zhang Miaoke couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although there was a small episode in the middle, fortunately, the ending did not change.

Lin Fan and Bai Yi will be dead after all!


At this moment, everyone saw that Li Xunran slowly walked in from outside the door.

Seeing this, Bai Yifan’s face suddenly concealed a strong expression of excitement, and he asked quickly:

“Ms. Li, what about that waste? Could it be a run away? “

Ran away?

Everyone felt like this when they heard this.

The trash must have left his wife and ran away after knowing that it was seen through.

Old man Bai couldn’t wait to ask:

“Miss Li that waste must be lying? There is no such thing as a genius doctor, right?”


In an instant, everyone Qi Qi cast a curious look at Li Xunran.

Very nervous, waiting for Li Xunran’s reply!


Then Li Xunran’s words made everyone present completely crazy.
Li Xunran’s face was gloomy, and under countless cameras, she slowly said:

“I, I lost!”


The audience was suddenly silent!

The smiles on everyone’s faces completely solidified.

Both the Bai family and the reporters present are all dumbfounded at this moment!

Lost… Lost?

Did they misheard this?

Li Xunran, unexpectedly gave up?

That is to say, the one behind is really the genius doctor Lin!


At this moment, everyone’s brains are completely roaring.

“No… This is impossible!”

At this moment, Mr. Bai only felt that his heart was about to pop out.

Isn’t it their Bai family, are you going to make the same mistake again?

“Miss Li, did you win what you just said?”

He is seriously suspicious now, he has heard it wrong!


Li Xunran’s voice remained firm:

“I said, I lost!”

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