Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1378

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Chapter 1378


At this moment, the air is completely quiet!

Old man Bai’s breathing seemed to be stagnant, his body trembled crazily, and he looked at Lin Fan in panic.

“Mr. Lin, really here!”

All the reporters were dumbfounded. They thought that Lin Fan was lying. How could Dr. Lin for a little new Baishi Expose your identity?

But now!

He is really here!

In addition, he defeated Li Xunran, a veteran of medicine!

This is incredible!

Li Xunran is Yao Lao’s most outstanding disciple. Since she became famous, no one can match her. In just half an hour, did she confess that she failed?

It is terrible!

How terrible is that genius doctor Lin?

In just half an hour, he easily defeated Yao Lao’s most outstanding lover!

“That genius doctor Lin, I am afraid that his medical skills are more advanced than medicine, right?”

“Before looking at his back, I guess he was less than 30 years old. There is such a transcendent medical skill at a young age, it is simply shocking!”

“This is really self-inflicted?”

Everyone is shocked, it is incredible. Looking at Li Xunran, he was completely shocked.

None of them expected that God Doctor Lin was really here, and he easily defeated Li Xunran!



Drops of bean-sized cold sweat continued to flow down from the foreheads of the Bai family.

Each of them feels terrified!

How familiar is this scene!

Every time when their Bai family was about to face a catastrophe, it seemed to be such a turning point. Their hearts were already extremely panicked and disturbed.

Lin Fan!

It was Lin Fan who killed a thousand swords again!

This time, they are going to cheat their Bai family again!

“Since Dr. Lin is here, it means that the formula is really his. How could the formula created by Dr. Lin be fake?”

They all discovered what was wrong one after another and cast suspicious glances at the Bai family.

Shouldn’t it, it’s really framed and framed!

Seeing everyone’s suspicious eyes, everyone in the Bai family was completely blown up!

In those eyes, all were panicked!

And the old man Bai, as if lost his soul, was shaky, and his face was pale and shook his head:

“This rubbish, how could he get the genius doctor Lin? No! Reason, no reason!”


He glared at Li Xunran and scolded:

“Miss Li, I never thought that you, as an old disciple of Yao, would be bought by the Xin Bai family!”

“You have tarnished the reputation of Yao Lao!”

At this time, the Bai family could not admit that this formula was from the genius doctor Lin, otherwise, as Lin Fan said, the Bai family would be ten times more miserable than it is now.

Wow! The word

Provoked thousands of waves!

Everyone was shocked and cast unbelievable glances at Li Xunran.

Old disciple of Yao, was bought by Xinbai’s?

If this spreads out, it will be a big news sensation in the entire medical industry!

It is a hundred times more shocking than producing fake drugs!

“Yes, Li Xunran must have been bought, and Lin Fan deliberately called her away, it must have benefited her. She is now a trust!”

Bai Yifan also hurriedly talked, and a ill-intentioned smile appeared on his face:

“How can a waste son-in-law invite the genius doctor Lin? Don’t let them fool you!”

This time!

Li Xunran was also completely stunned. She didn’t expect that she would help the Bai family kindly, but the Bai family turned around and splashed dirty water on her?

“You are spitting blood!”


She was angrily scolded, even if she insulted her, she even brought her master.

This Bai family is really shameless!

She finally understands that she has been tricked!

The real wolf ambition is not the Xinbai clan, but the scum of the Bai clan.

“Blood in the mouth? Then let the genius doctor Lin come out to clarify!”

The old man Bai sneered and said, expecting that Doctor Lin would not show up.


Li Xunran is also indefatigable. Calling the genius doctor Lin at this time is not equivalent to exposing Lin Fan?

But right now!

An old and majestic sound of anger suddenly resounded from the door

“So, I also asked it??”

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