Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1400

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Chapter 1400

Mu Lingshan, as the security officer of the Dark Emperor, is the most reasonable and reasonable for him to clean up Lin Fan.

Even Long Millennium, dare not say a word!

Lin Fan also noticed Zhao Yanzhi’s intentions, and a frosty color appeared on his face.

This woman is no ordinary vicious!


At this time, Mu Lingshan also looked at Lin Fan in doubt, and when he saw Lin Fan’s appearance, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Follow along!

A thick ridicule appeared on his face:

“Who is I, it turned out to be the Lin family rubbish!”

“Only you, Do you dare to insult my brother Lin’s sister-in-law? Now kneel down, I want to spare you a fate for the sake of today’s banquet!”

for a while!

Whether it was Zhao Yanzhi and others, or the guests present, they all cast ridicule at Lin Fan.

Who is this beaming clown, even Lin Tianxun’s woman dare to offend?

This is crazy!


Lin Fan sneered, and said in a shocking tone:

“Lin Tianxun, is it amazing?”


When these words sounded, the sound of the entire banquet disappeared completely!


Everyone in the audience stared at Lin Fan with horror. These words made the scalp numb!

This guy, how dare he despise the second youngest of the Lin Family?
Zhao Yanzhi’s face was completely gloomy.

This trash, dare to insult her fiance in front of her?

Damn beast!

“Lin Fan, you are a trash, the rubbish abandoned by the Lin family, you dare to humiliate the second young master of the Lin family in public, do you want to die?”

And now!

Bai Yi also trembled all over, with a deep panic on his face.

She also thinks Lin Fan is crazy!

How dare to find death like this!

In this way, the other party will not let them go. They are completely over!

At this time, Zhao Yanzhi’s eyes were full of sarcasm and resentment!

It’s not just her!

Everyone present also looked disdainful and cast contemptuous glances at Lin Fan.

This is the first time they have seen such an arrogant person, this is simply looking for death!

It is so ridiculous!

“Is this Lin family’s trash making fun? It’s a joke that an abandoned youngster dared to look down upon the second youngster who is in full swing! Why is he?”

“Hehe, according to me, It must be that ridiculous self-esteem. After all, Zhao Yanzhi chose Lin Tianxun but abandoned him. It is normal for her to be jealous!”

“Who can blame this, change it. Anyone will choose a son-in-law who lives by the dragon, rather than a son-in-law who comes to the door!”

In the eyes of everyone present, there is extreme disgust.

In their eyes, Lin Fan is pretending to be forced!
Mu Lingshan suddenly became angry, with a deep hatred in his eyes:

“Lin Fan, you dare to insult my most respected elder brother in front of me? Are you trying to force Am I crippling you?”

The voice is extremely vicious!

reveals fierce murderous intent!

Zhao Yanzhi also sneered, and joked:

“In your eyes, even the King of the Blood Prison and Lin Zuo are not worth mentioning?”
When the others heard this, they all burst into laughter.

If this kid dared to say that, I’m afraid this place will be his burial place.

However, right now!

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Lin Fan smiled and said:

“What if I say yes?”


When Lin Fan said these words bluntly, the audience was completely silent!

Everyone’s expressions completely solidified at this moment.

He couldn’t believe his ears one by one!

Lin Fan, is he really looking for death like this?

Even the King of the Blood Prison and Lin Zuo are not even bothered?


This kid is just looking for death!

Besides, Bai Yi suddenly faltered and almost passed out on the spot.

They are dead!

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