Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1408

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Chapter 1408

In an instant!

Wang Yun and others all had scalp numb, and their bodies trembled wildly and uncontrollably.
At this time, they were all shocked!

All stared at Lin Fan with a terrified look.

For them, it’s just like a dream!

And yes, nightmare!

And the big guys present were all in an uproar after learning about Lin Fan’s identity!

This guy is actually Lin Zuo?

He looks too young, right?

This, at most, he is only in his twenties!

“Oh my God! We insulted Lin Zuo like that just now, this… how good is this!”

They wanted to kneel down for Lin Fan on the spot.

A door-to-door son-in-law, who was so wasteful of his eyes, turned into a tall forest seat.

Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, full of doubt, shock, fear and deep disbelief!

“Lin Zuo, these people dare to insult you, what should we do?”

Long Jiu immediately glared at Zhao Yanzhi and others, and said murderously.


Upon hearing these words, Zhao Yanzhi and the others suddenly became weak in their legs, and the expressions on their faces were extremely frightened.

Because they realized that Lin Fan is no longer what it used to be.

His word is enough to determine the life and death of all of them!

Lin Fan twitched at the corner of his mouth, revealing a smirk:

“You all, kneel down for me!”


On the faces of Wang Yun and others, a deep wry smile appeared one after another.

Followed, they knelt on the ground one by one. At this time, their mood was extremely complicated, and they never thought that one day they would kneel in front of this rubbish Lin Fan.

Ha ha!

Seeing this scene, Lin Fan sneered:

“Have you ever thought that one day you will be humiliated by this kneeling ground?”
Zhao Yanzhi and the others were pale and silent.

To be honest, they really didn’t expect it, even now, they feel that their brains are buzzing.


What Lin Fan said next made them completely desperate!

Lin Fan glanced at them with a deep gaze, then grinned and said:

“You should also know that I can’t easily let you go, right?” /Boom!

Zhao Yanzhi and the others suddenly got a numb scalp and looked at Lin Fan in horror.

“Lin Fan, we were ignorant when we were young, so we shouldn’t treat you like that. Your lord has a lot, let us go!”

“Lin… Lin Zuo! We know It’s wrong, we really know it is wrong! A big man like you doesn’t need to be familiar with us, please let us go!”

Zhu Yiqun, Feng Shaoting and others are already crying and crying.

They don’t want to die!

“Young and frivolous?”

Lin Fan smiled, staring at them with enthusiasm, and then said:

“Did you forget, how did you insult me and my woman just now? Of?”


A surging murderous intent, suddenly at this moment, wantonly surging!

Extremely violent and brutal, like a peerless beast roaring!

Wang Yun and others suddenly turned pale, and their tremors became more severe.

They naturally knew how they insulted Lin Fan, saying that Lin Fan was a tortoise slave, and that Bai Yi was a slut who could do his best. This was undoubtedly the ultimate humiliation.

It’s hard to accept being anybody!

Not to mention, Lin Fan is a tall forest seat!

They, they are in great disaster!

For an instant, they stared at Lin Fan with extreme fear.

One by one, tears are already in his eyes!

Is obviously frightened!

And now!


Lin Fan stepped forward and walked towards them step by step, a deep chill appeared in his eyes:

“You came to my front with arrogance and threats!”

“You threatened me and insulted my queen, so you…damn it!”

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