Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1409

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Chapter 1409

Feng Shaoting and his party burst into tears after hearing these cold-faced and merciless words, and they wailed hysterically.

“Wrong, I was wrong! Don’t kill me! Don’t hurt me!”

But at this moment, the big guys like Long Jiu smiled slyly and faced each other the servant winked.


On the spot, a group of strong men rushed up and pressed Feng Shaoting and others to the floor.

“Break their legs!”



A cracked bone followed!


Followed, the heart-wrenching screams burst out from the mouths of those evil little ones.

Two of them even passed out on the spot.

Seeing here, Wang Yun and Mu Lingshan have scalp tingling at the same time!

But Lin Fan smiled slightly:

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you two!”

“From today, you will be kicked If you leave the Dragon and Tiger Legion and the Blood Prison, you will never be hired forever!”


This sentence really made Wang Yun and the two crazy.

Kick out the Legion and the Blood Prison!

It’s better to kill them!

At the moment, Wang Yun cried and shook his head, in pain:
“No, Lin Zuo, please don’t do this to me. It took me five full years to join the Dragon and Tiger Legion!”

Aside, Mu Lingshan is also facing Lin Fan kept kowtow, with a deep regret on his face:

“King, you are the most respected person in my life. I have vowed to be loyal to you until I die! Please don’t deprive me of this glory, I beg you!”

He is crazy!

In order to join the blood prison, after three years of life and death, he has stepped into the ghost gate several times with one foot.

For him, joining the blood hell is an honor!

And he also cherishes the feelings between him and his brothers. He has already sworn to each other that he wants to be together for the rest of his life.

But now…

He has insulted the soul of the blood prison, the supreme dark emperor is about to be kicked into the blood prison, it is better for him to kill him . When is expelled from the blood prison, he will lose the glory of that strong man forever and become an ordinary person.

He didn’t want to, even more unacceptable!

Baihu and Mu Lingshan regret it, they can say they have done everything in order to pay their respects to Lin Fan.

All their glory is given by Lin Fan!

But now, Lin Fan wants to take back this glory!

This makes them completely crazy!

The two ironclad big men were already crying heartbreakingly at this time, and they kept kowtow to Lin Fan.


Lin Fan was still unkind, and said indifferently:

“I have given you a chance! Now, you can get out!”

He didn’t hurt Wang Yun and two. Because the punishment at the moment is more desperate and painful for them than directly hurting them.

“No, king! Give me another chance, I beg you!”

“Lin Zuo! My most respected Lin Zuo, please forgive me, I am willing to do anything. If you feel that it is not enough to relieve your anger, or you can just interrupt my leg?”

However, Lin Fan remained silent and resolute!

See here!

They seemed to have been drained of all their strength, and sat on the ground feebly, their faces like ashes.


Right now!

Lin Fan looked at Zhao Yanzhi:

“I said I am Lin Zuo, now you can be trusted? Now, you still think I even give Lin Tianxun Don’t even carry shoes?”

Hear the words!

Long Jiu and others cast a contemptuous look at Zhao Yanzhi.

This woman, because of her identity with Lin Tianxun, considers herself upright, but what is the result?

A laughingstock!

However, Zhao Yanzhi seemed to admit her fate, calmly looking at Lin Fan, a sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth:

“How, how are you going to punish me next?”

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