Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1410

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Chapter 1410


Unexpectedly, Lin Fan smiled slightly:

“I don’t plan to punish you, because you have received the punishment you deserve!”

Heard this!

Zhao Yanzhi’s face turned pale suddenly, only to feel that her chest was severely stabbed, making it hard to breathe.

She did get the punishment she deserved!

It can even be said that she is the most painful and regrettable person among Wang Yun and others, because she has lost more than everyone combined!

She, missed a natural king!

Has lost a great opportunity to become a queen!

It is like a poor man who knows that he has won the 50 million lottery ticket, only to find that the lottery ticket has been lost.

That kind of pain is enough to drive a life crazy!

“Therefore, every time I think about Lin Fan’s current identity and think that I missed her, it is enough to make Zhao Yanzhi unable to let go of this life.”

“Next, take care of it! Today’s banquet is over!”

Lin Fan said to Long Jiu with an indifferent expression.

Then, he chased out without looking back, planning to find Bai Yi.


Seeing this, everyone present was wailing, and their faces were full of unwillingness.

They came all the way for Lin Zuo, but before he could cheat, Lin Zuo wanted to leave angrily.

Let them all feel lost!


All of them are looking at Zhao Yanzhi and others together, with strong hatred in their eyes.

In their opinion, it was because these idiots offended Lin Zuo that they were also angered by Lin Zuo, and they missed the great opportunity to curry favor with Lin Zuo.

Now, Lin Zuo has left.

If you want to see Lin Zuo again, you don’t know the year of the monkey, and you may even be hopeless in this life.

How can they not hate?

“Hahaha, I’m so amazing! I actually rejected Lin Zuo and the Dark Emperor at the same time, I am the real first lady!”

And at this time, Zhao Ye Zhi seemed to be mad, and laughed madly.

It is just a smile, but there are tears of regret.

“No one in the world can be worthy of me, not even Lin Zuo and the Dark Emperor, hahaha!”

Everyone looked at Zhao Yanzhi in horror, this Woman…

Is this crazy?

It’s no wonder that as a woman, she would have had the opportunity to become the first lady, and she would be supreme throughout her life, but because of her own stupidity, she would miss such an opportunity, I’m afraid she would go crazy.

“Kick her out, don’t be ashamed of me!”

Long Jiu said with disgust, without sympathy at all.

In his opinion, Zhao Yanzhi was purely asking for it!

At the same time, Long Jiu looked at everyone present and said indifferently:

“Everyone! I won’t say anything more than that. If Lin Zuo knows what happened today, someone has leaked it out!”

“I think the consequences, don’t I need to say it?”


Naked threat!

Made everyone present wry smiles.

Since Lin Zuo dared to break the legs of a few older and younger here, and let them leave alive, it has already explained everything.

He was not at all afraid of Wang Yun and others saying it, anyway, for the blood prison, killing a few people was just a breeze.

And now!

Lin Fan had already come outside, just to see Bai Yi squatting in a corner, wiping tears constantly, crying.

Seeing this, Lin Fan couldn’t help but feel a little distressed, and walked up slowly.

Seeing Lin Fan coming, Bai Yi turned his head angrily, as if not seeing him.

Apparently still sulking!

And Lin Fan also smiled bitterly:

“Lin Zuo is here, don’t you go and see?”

Bai Yi ignored him.

“He knew what had just happened, and dealt with Wang Yun and the others fiercely. Several of them had their legs broken.”


Bai Yi’s expression finally changed, and she looked at Lin Fan incredulously:

“What you said is true?”

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