Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1418

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Chapter 1418


Li Xiuyun was anxious, his face pale and terrible, and he fell back on the chair feebly!

“Old Li!”

Everyone was shocked and screamed!

They all know that Li Xiuyun has high blood pressure, so he can’t be angry!

Li Xiuyun pointed her finger at Li Xian, but was so angry that she couldn’t say a word.

The adopted daughter is so old, and as soon as her daughter finds a man, she asks her own man to confront her old father. Which father is not sad?

What’s even more exaggerated!

At this time, Li Xian was still indifferent, and she didn’t even look at Li Xiuyun, as if it was not her biological father who had the disease.

“Lin Fan, you have also seen that your uncle is uncomfortable. You should leave today and stop making trouble!”

Wang Yanli said with an unhappy expression, directly An eviction order was issued to Lin Fan.

“Yes, Lin Fan, what do you do with other people’s family affairs? Do you really think of yourself as the Li family?”

“Hehe, I saw it when I was young this kid has nothing to do, sure enough! After he grows up, he has been swindling and cheating for life!”

“You go quickly, broom the star, and see how your uncle Li is angry with you?”
Those neighbours in the neighborhood suddenly scolded Lin Fan in anger, and now they are all attacking Lin Fan frantically in order to curry favor with Zhou Peize.

It looks like you are going to step on Lin Fan’s feet!


Unexpectedly, Lin laughed without anger, and looked at everyone faintly:

“You guys, are you sure you want me to go?” “


After hearing this, Zhou Peize, Li Xian and others laughed out loud as if they had heard the best joke.

There is a deep contempt on his face!

“If you want to get out, get out now, don’t pretend to be there! You seem to have a good background!”

Li Xian said in disgust, and the contempt in her eyes became stronger. Ridicule.

Lin Fan’s tone was as if all of them would regret as long as he left. It was ridiculous!

A joke!

At this moment, Lin Fan was a big joke in the eyes of Li Xian and others!

A waste, just roll away, what’s so great about it? even dare to put on airs?

Do you really think someone will keep him?

And now!

Lin Fan didn’t say anything anymore, and nodded with a smile:

“Okay, then I will go first!”

If people don’t know the goods, there is no need for him to stay here.

At this time, Lin Fan didn’t even bother to confess his identity, because in his eyes, these people were not qualified to know him.


Lin Fan got up and planned to leave!

And now!

Everyone is full of contempt, no one takes him seriously!

But right now!

The voice coming from outside the door completely shocked everyone present!

“General White Tiger is here!”


Everyone was in an uproar!

A pair of eyes, looking at the door in disbelief!

General White Tiger, isn’t that a Samsung general of the White Tiger Army?
Everyone knows that Bai Hu is a lover of the Dragon and Tiger God of War, and belongs to Lin Zuo’s command!

Is such a existence, how come a little Li’s family?


Everyone is flattered! was completely shocked!

The faces are all incredible expressions.

At this time, Li Xian looked at Zhou Peize in an unbelievable way, and exclaimed:

“Peize, the fierce general under Lin Zuo, came to see you in person?”

Everyone looked at Zhou Peize in surprise. Will the White Tiger Battle come to Zhou Peize?

Zhou Peize not only obtained the qualification for Lin Zuo’s wedding banquet, but also invited the White Tiger to personally invite him?

This is too good, right?

At this moment, the atmosphere completely fell silent!

Everyone on the scene stared at Zhou Peize with a shocked look, with deep admiration and envy.

Even Wang Yanli and Li Xiuyun, when they heard this, felt that their hearts were raised in their throats.

“I can’t say anything of surprise!”

That is the white tiger warlord!

The personal guards called Lin Zuo are not good enough. If you can get acquainted with him, it is a matter of time to compare with Lin Zuo.

At this time, Zhou Peize is simply eye-catching, and everyone is staring at him with admiration.

Even Zhou Peize has been dumbfounded!

Could it be said that the White Tiger Warrior really came to him?

But he doesn’t even know him!


It’s just that he didn’t think too much. After all, in this room, who besides him is qualified to let the White Tiger visit him in person?

At the moment, he said triumphantly:

“Everything is calm, it’s not the White Tiger general, what’s all the fuss about, I guess he came to invite me to the Lin Zuo wedding banquet. “

“Don’t talk nonsense for a while, lest you lose my face!”

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