Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1419

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Chapter 1419


Just listen to this!

The audience is completely boiling!

Li Xian pounced directly on Zhou Peize, hugging his face and kissing him cruelly:

“My dear, you are amazing! I can marry you, what a blessing!”

“Oh my God! Lao Li, your son-in-law actually let the White Tiger banquet personally, isn’t this too awesome? The provincial elders don’t have this kind of honor!”

“Sure enough, you are a son-in-law in your family, you are not waiting for a leisure time!”

Everyone at this time is constantly fawning too well, and the flattery of the face is to the extreme.

It’s not just them!

Even Li Xiuyun was surprised at this moment, with a touch of horror in his eyes.

This kid is so capable?

He thought that Zhou Peize was a dude, but because his family was better, his tail went up to the sky.

But he didn’t expect that he was so capable that he could allow Lin Zuo to order his own guards to invite him. Did he really underestimate him?

This is more than that!

Hearing that Bai Huzhan would look for himself in the future, Zhou Peize almost had his tail up to the sky.

At the moment, he looked at Lin Fan with contempt, and said sarcastically:

“Are you rubbish?”

Aside, Wang Yanli too said:

“Lin Fan, or you can go first, don’t accidentally offend the White Tiger warlord, that’s not good, then the existence is not for us. I think ordinary people can do it. Offended.” As soon as said these words, everyone’s eyes were all looking at Lin Fan, as if they were watching a clown. It was ridiculous.

It’s just!

Lin Fan looked calm. While looking at Zhou Peize, he showed a meaningful smile:

“Are you sure that the white tiger fights?” Will, are you here?”


Everyone was stunned. What does this guy mean?

In addition to Zhou Peize, who else here is qualified to let White Tiger generals visit?

“Xiao Fan, forget it! You go first!”

Li Xiuyun also frowned and said, he underestimated Zhou Peize’s ability, if this is to hate Lin Fan, then Lin Fan was miserable for the rest of his life.
At the moment, he can only encourage Lin Fan to leave first.

When Zhou Peize heard Lin Fan’s words, he immediately smiled and said triumphantly:

“I didn’t come to see me, could it be that I came to you?”
In his opinion, the White Tiger is here to invite him!

There can be no accidents!

Everyone looked at Lin Fan contemptuously, looking for this rubbish? How can it be?

Just like Lin Fan’s unpromising, he doesn’t even have a job. What qualifications does this kind of useless man have for Lin Zuo to invite himself?

Unless Lin Zuo is blind!

However, everyone seemed to have not heard everyone’s sneer, and said with a smile but a smile:

“What if, are you really here for me?”

The moment everyone heard this, everyone was taken aback.

Followed closely and burst into laughter!


“Have you heard? This rubbish actually said that the White Tiger Battle will come to him?”

“Lin Fan, can you have a face? You don’t pee According to his own virtue, General Bai Hu would invite you to such a scum?”

Li Xian’s eyes were full of disgust, and she was completely disgusted.

The other people also looked contemptuous, and their faces became gloomy.

“How do you run the train with your mouth full of your young child? Do you treat us like idiots by talking nonsense?” “You can’t want this kind of unreliable man! Fortunately, Li Xian didn’t choose him. Lao Li was so blind that he would treat this kid as his own son!”

The irony of Li Xiuyun immediately made Li Xiuyun’s face flushed, and at this time he wished to find a hole in the ground.

What a shame!

He didn’t expect Lin Fan to say such unrealistic things.

And just now!

Da Da Da…

A steady footstep came from outside the door.

Then, a burly man walked in with great strides!

, there is a majesty unique to the superior!

“White Tiger General!”

Seeing the other party, Zhou Peize suddenly raised his eyebrows, with a touch of flattery on his face, and walked up quickly.

And, proactively stretched out his hand!


Bai Hu frowned and said with disgust:

“Who are you?”


At this moment, the atmosphere is completely frozen!

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