Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1420

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Chapter 1420

“Who are you?

The moment I heard these words, everyone was instantly stunned, completely stunned!”

A pair of eyes is full of shock!
White Tiger will not know Zhou Peize?

Didn’t he come to Zhou Peize?

In an instant!

Everyone was completely stunned and couldn’t believe their ears.

“Warrior White Tiger, didn’t you come to me?”

Zhou Peize was also completely dumbfounded, his eyes widened and full of disbelief.

Hear the words!

Bai Hu’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he yelled:

“I’m looking for you? What kind of thing are you worthy of my personal invitation?”

Slap face!

Slap face fiercely!

Zhou Peize made a mistake!

At this time, Zhou Peize was so embarrassed that he was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole in the ground.

What a shame!

Just now, he acted predominantly in front of Li Xian and the others, but as soon as he turned his head, Bai Hu was beaten in the face.

Now he felt everyone’s skeptical gaze, he only felt ashamed of his face, and froze in humiliation.

What everyone doesn’t understand even more is that since it’s not for Zhou Peize, who else is worth visiting by Bai Hu?

Right now!

Bai Hu directly ignored Zhou Peize and walked towards Li Xiuyun and others.

Seeing this, everyone is completely dumbfounded!

Is it a white tiger? Are you here to invite Li Xiuyun?

When did Li Xiuyun know people like Baihu?

This is incredible!

Everyone turned to Li Xiuyun and cast a surprised look. Although he couldn’t believe it at this time, they felt that Bai Hu should have come to Li Xiuyun!

Li Xiuyun, after all, is the male owner of this house!

See here!

Li Xiuyun also got up excitedly, and quickly reached out his hand, anxiously said:

“White Tiger general, there is a missed distance to welcome…”

Just! hasn’t waited for him to finish!

“Get out!”

Bai Hu roared in full anger, already very unhappy in his heart.

Where are so many flies!


Everyone is completely petrified!

It turns out… Didn’t you come to see Li Xiuyun?

This… how is this possible!

Is neither Zhou Peize nor Li Xiuyun, who else can it be?

Is it possible that the White Tiger General went to the wrong place?

Li Xiuyun’s expression suddenly became stiff, an old face was suddenly full of embarrassment, and he was completely stunned on the spot.

At this moment, the atmosphere was suppressed to the extreme.
Everyone didn’t dare to take a breath, obviously they knew that the White Tiger general was angry.


At this moment, an unexpected voice rang out!

“White Tiger, don’t be rude!”


This sentence completely blows everyone up!

Someone dared to scold the White Tiger general?

Is this crazy?

Then, when everyone looked at the person who was speaking, they were all stunned. It was Lin Fan who was speaking?

“Lin Fan, you dare to scold the White Tiger, don’t hurt me if you want to die!”

Li Xian was so anxious that she almost cried, and this waste didn’t look at him. What kind of status, accuse White Tiger of warrior, is he worthy?

Immediately, she looked at Baihu nervously, and quickly cleared the relationship with Baihu:

“Battle General, our family is not familiar with him, you will punish you if you want to punish him. He, don’t anger us!”

She was terrified at this time!

“I just want to sacrifice Lin Fan and protect their family!”

“Xiao Fan, don’t talk nonsense, Bai Hu will not offend us!”

Li Xiuyun also nervously scolded, for fear that Lin Fan would offend Bai Hu.

“Boy, even White Tiger dare to reprimand, I think you want to die!”

Zhou Peize also smiled gloomily, looking at Lin Fan’s eyes, It’s like looking at a dead person.
“Idiot! This kid is an idiot! Dare to be rude to the white tiger warlord? This is looking for death!”

“I laughed, his tone is like he is the head of the white tiger warrior Like the boss, is this a habit of pretending to be forced?”

Neighbors in the neighborhood are also scornful and cynic, as if they wished to drown Lin Fan with spit.

Lin Fan was startled, then shook his head with a wry smile.


Hearing these swearing and insulting white tigers, he was completely furious!

Immediately roared:

“Shut up all!”

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