Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1442

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Chapter 1442

It’s you!

Lin Fan’s words directly caused the grandfather and grandson present to be completely confused!

This guy actually said to buy their Dong family?

Are they dreaming?

Their Dong family has been practicing medicine for eight generations, and they have accumulated eight generations of connections and wealth, which is terrifying!

But Lin Fan actually said, want to buy their Dong family?

Is this a joke?

At the moment, their grandfather and grandson laughed wildly, as if they had heard a big joke.

“The surname Lin, you are praised as an idiot. Now our Dong’s medicine has a market value of 200 billion yuan. Did you buy it if you wanted to? You are simply fantastic!”

Faced with their ridicule, Lin Fan just smiled, then took out his mobile phone and dialed a number:

“I want to buy Dong’s Medicine, from now on!”


This sentence made the grandfather and grandchildren even more stunned!


This kid is absolutely crazy.

Even pretending to call?

Do you think this will bluff them?

“Stop acting! With your trash, it is absolutely impossible to acquire our Dongshi Pharmaceutical!”

Dong Qianqiu’s expression of disdain, then glared at Lin Fan:

“Now, you’d better think about it first, and sell me the formula at what price!”

His words were full of confidence.

It was as if Lin Fan would definitely sell the formula to him. In his opinion, Lin Fan had no choice at all.

Against a behemoth like them, Lin Fan can only succumb!


Right now!

Under everyone’s gaze, a figure walked in.

And the moment he saw him, the faces of both grandfather and grandson Dong Qianqiu were really happy, smiling flattering and flattering.

Step by step walked towards the other party:

“Doctor Mike, you can count it! We have been waiting for a long time, please sit down!”

It is Mike!

And their attitude towards Mike is totally different from Lin Fan.
Although Mike lost to Lin Fan before, in their eyes, the doctor is not only enough to have medical skills, but also to have enough influence.

If they want to open up overseas markets, they must rely on Mike’s influence.

So their purpose today is very simple, that is to dig and drag Mike from the new Baishi.

In their opinion, Xinbai’s lack of a Mike, it is not far from being finished.


The grandfather and grandson, like a pug, walked towards Mike.

Just, the next scene!

But the grandfather and grandson are completely dumbfounded!

He saw that Mike seemed to treat them as transparent, and walked past them and walked towards Lin Fan.

Then, under the horrified gazes of both grandfather and grandson, he even slammed and knelt in front of Lin Fan with a look of fear:

“Mr. Lin, I have not betrayed Zhixin, I went to the appointment today just to see what they want to do! Please forgive me! “

At this time, he trembled violently. The moment he saw Lin Fan, he was almost scared to pee. Up.

Mike is afraid that Lin Fan will betray him!

If this is the case, then he is completely finished!


See here, hear this!

Dong Qianqiu and the other two were dumbfounded!

Those eyeballs seem to burst out!

Doctor Mike, actually kneeled to Lin Fan?

How is it possible!

At this time, they feel they are dreaming!

The pride and arrogance on that face are completely frozen!

Originally they thought that Mike and Lin Fan were at best a cooperative relationship, but now they see Mike’s panic and fear, it’s obviously not the case!

A trace of ominous premonition appeared in their hearts!

At the moment, Dong Qianqiu said in horror:

“Doctor Mike, what are you doing? Isn’t he a somewhat famous doctor? How can it be worth your gift? “

In their opinion, Lin Fan is just a little famous in China.

But Mike is an internationally renowned doctor!

At this time, for some reason, Dong Qianqiu felt that something bad was happening.

Even Dong Huayu was completely dumbfounded, and said in disbelief:

“What’s so scary about this waste? Without that formula, he is nothing! Doctor Mike, Get up quickly!”

It’s just that his voice just fell off!


A slap in the face was slammed on Dong Huayu’s face.

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