Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1443

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Chapter 1443

This moment!

Dong Huayu is completely stunned!

He covered his face and looked at Mike in astonishment.

Didn’t seem to expect that Mike would beat Lin Fan for Lin Fan.

“Shut up! You idiots, Mr. Lin’s ability and background, you can guess?”

If Lin Fan is just a doctor in China, then it is naturally not enough. Fear!

But the problem is! Lin Fan also has a terrifying identity, that is, the world-famous Bone Sacred Hand!

He will never forget the fear of being dominated by this man!

A phone call almost ruined him!

Just under the unbelievable gazes of both grandfather and grandson, Mike once again knelt down towards Lin Fan and pleaded bitterly:

“Mr. Lin, please believe me. I, Mike, is loyal to you, absolutely undivided!”

There is endless fear in that voice!

As if Lin Fan is a cannibal devil!


This scene completely shocked Dong Qianqiu and two of them!

There was incredible fear in those eyes!

“Impossible! This is impossible! Doctor Mike, why are you so afraid of him?”

“This guy, what did he do, and who is he?”
Grandpa and grandson are completely dumbfounded!

The scene before them made them feel suffocated!

Lin Fan now looks like a monster in their eyes.


The real nightmare has just arrived now!


A hurried ringtone rang frantically at this moment!

And then!

Dong Qianqiu took out his mobile phone in doubt, and then pressed hands-free!

“Master, something is bad! There is a huge overseas fund that is maliciously acquiring the company under Dong’s Pharmaceuticals!”

“Today, three companies have been Forced acquisition! If we continue to develop at this rate, at most one week later, we, Dong’s Pharmaceuticals, will have to become someone else’s! “


Upon hearing this, Dong Qianqiu’s hair was completely blown up, and his old face was filled with consternation and disbelief!

Does anyone dare to buy their Dong’s Medicine?

Impossible, who is so rich? And they are enemies of Dong’s medicine?

Could it be…

At the moment, he looked at Lin Fan in disbelief, completely looking like hell.

This guy, did he really buy his own pharmaceutical group?

Isn’t he just a little doctor?

How can you be so rich!


At this moment, there was a dead silence in the field!

Dong Qianqiu and Dong Huayu both looked at Lin Fan with ghostly eyes.

“It’s you, did you do it, right?”

And now!

Lin Fan smiled contemptuously and said:

“I said, I don’t need money!”

Then, he ignored both Dong Qianqiu and Dong Qianqiu. In astonishment, he looked at Mike:

“Get up! I know this has nothing to do with you, and you don’t have the guts!”

Mike was so moved that he was about to cry, and he was very surprised to knock Lin Fan a few times:

“Thank you Mr. Lin for forgiving! Thank you!”

But at this time, Lin Fan didn’t bother to look at Dong Qianqiu’s grandfather and grandson again, and walked outside under Long Jiu’s favor.


When Lin Fan left, Dong Qianqiu seemed to be collapsed, falling to the ground feebly, with a deep bitterness on his face:

“Doctor Mike, can you tell me?, Who is he?”

And Mike looked at him like an idiot, and said coldly:

“Dong Qianqiu, you are done! Dare to offend you like that? Man, your Dong family is destined to be ruined!”


Upon hearing this, Dong Qianqiu and two of them were going to be scared to pee!

They could clearly feel that Mike’s eyes were full of contempt, as if they were looking at a dead person!

It seems that he has stepped into the ghost gate with one foot!
“What the hell is going on, please tell me!”

Dong Qianqiu was in tears. At this time, he just wanted to die to understand.

Mike sneered again and again, and said contemptuously:

“You ask your secretary, where did you get the funds for the acquisition of Dong’s medicine? Don’t you know everything?”
Dong Qianqiu was shocked suddenly, and then hurriedly asked.

The secretary at the other end came the words that made Dong Qianqiu completely mad:

“Master, the funds for the acquisition of us come from Universal Group!”

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