Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1444

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Chapter 1444


Dong Qianqiu, completely blown up!

The eyeballs were staring round, and every pore in his body trembled frantically!

Universal Group!

The top three super chaebols in the world!

It is said that the financial resources of Universal Group are enough to influence the economy of a country!

Even, enough to buy a small country!

The financial resources are strong and terrifying!

Don’t say one Dong Group, even ten, one hundred! It’s all right!


Dong Qianqiu shuddered suddenly, looking like a dead father and mother.

A phone call, let this super chaebol attack their Dong Group, then Lin Fan’s identity…
“You think well!”

Mike sneered, and then stared at Dong Qianqiu playfully:

“The waste in your mouth, what you look down on the quack doctor is the big boss of the Universal Group!”


Hearing this, Dong Qianqiu almost fainted. God Doctor Lin is the big boss of the Universal Group?

He wants to acquire his company?

Thinking of this, he almost has a dead heart!

Yourself, this is dying!

At this moment, he feels that his worldview has been subverted!

There was a deep panic in those eyes!

“Dr. Mike, are you sure you are joking? He, really is the boss of Universal Group?”

The chaebol behind a super chaebol turned out to be in his early twenties. Afterlife?

How can this make him believe!

“In Huaxia’s words, you are really an old stupid donkey!”

Seeing that the other party is still not giving up, Mike suddenly snorted:
“I tell you, he is the boss behind Universal Group! In addition, he has another identity, one that is a hundred times more honorable than me!”

And identity?

Dong Qianqiu and Dong Huayu, they really want to die!

Did Mike think they were not scared enough?

He even planned to tell them that Lin Fan has another identity?

But Mike doesn’t care about that much, he just wants these two guys who don’t know their heights to despair!

At the moment, he smiled grimly:

“Have you heard of the Bone Saint?”


The shock of these words is like tearing apart Dong Qianqiu’s grandfather and grandson!

They just feel that their brains are blank, as if they have fallen into short-term brain death!

The Bone Sacred Hand!

If anyone in this world can be called a genius doctor, then it must be him!

The genius doctor Lin, is the sacred hand of the bones?

Besides, the person threatened by them?



Endless madness!

“You Dong’s medicine is really amazing! Dare to grab the formula developed by the Bone Sacred Hand, and dare to compare the financial resources with the global boss! Bull!”

, And then left with a laugh.

Because in his eyes, this pair of grandparents are not far from death!

“Grandpa, our disaster is imminent! We are dead!”

Dong Huayu has already cried into a stupid, and wailed hysterically.

“Hahaha, be smart! Find your own way!”

Dong Qianqiu laughed wildly, as if he was crazy:

“I dare to provoke the world’s number one genius doctor. With such existence, it is too late for others to flatter me. I’m so amazing!”

“A stupid like me doesn’t die, it’s God who doesn’t open his eyes!”

At this time, even Mo Qianqiu himself felt that he deserved to die!


At the moment, the sounds of text messages are coming one after another!

News messages are constantly bounced out!

“Dong’s Pharmaceutical Longcheng Branch was temporarily closed due to suspicion of tax evasion and is under investigation!”

“Huaxing Pharmaceutical, with incomplete documents and violation of labor law, is responsible People were forced to be investigated! According to reports, Huaxing Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Dong’s Pharmaceuticals!”

“In just one hour, Dong’s Pharmaceutical stocks plummeted by 10% for no reason!”

News like this keep coming!

Dong Qianqiu’s grandfather and grandson are better than dead!

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