Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1445

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Chapter 1445


The news that Dong’s medicine is about to fall, within only half an hour, completely sensationalized the whole country!

All the senior executives and shareholders of Dong’s Medicine are going crazy, and they rushed to Jiang City directly on their own private planes, all wanting to ask Dong Qianqiu to find out what’s going on.

And now!

Inside the hotel!
After everyone learned that the genius doctor Lin was the boss behind the Bone Sacred Hand and Universal Group, there were cold sniffs all over their foreheads, and each one was desperate to the extreme at this moment.

They never dreamed that the Bone Sacred Hand was hidden in Jiangshi!

What’s more, their Dong’s Medicine even planned to forcibly acquire his company. This completely offended the other party, and the acquisition failed to be acquired.

This is to steal the chicken without losing the rice!

This time, they really hit the iron plate!

At the moment, everyone looked at Dong Qianqiu in horror:

“Chairman, what shall we do now?”

“At this speed going on, our Dong’s medicine can only last for a week at most!”

This time!

Dong Qianqiu’s face was also extremely gloomy, and his heart was even more irritable. At this time, he was also very anxious.

Because he knows very well that if the psychic doctor Lin can’t calm his anger, then their Dong’s medicine is doomed!

Long time!

Dong Qianqiu sighed and said:

“Everyone, you all know what happened. There was a serious problem with our decision, which has now angered the bones. Holy Hand, our Dong’s Medicine is already at stake!”

Hear the words!

Everyone present was also pale, and their faces were full of deep anxiety and fear!

Forcibly acquiring the new pneumonia formula was their unanimous decision. Now they are not good at accusing Dong Qianqiu.

To blame, blame them themselves for not being greedy enough!

“In the eyes of Universal Group, even if we are an eight-generation family, we are nothing but ants, and there is no room for contending.”

Dong Qianqiu said with a wry smile.

And as soon as these words came out, the high-level people present were about to kneel down!

They naturally know that Universal Group in the global business circle is equivalent to the existence of a giant dragon.

And in the eyes of Universal Group, their Dong’s medicine is a scum that can be destroyed by a finger!

Not worth mentioning!

“Chairman you must have an idea if you say that?”

“Chairman, let’s just go and apologize to the Bone Sovereign, and beg him to let us go. ! Otherwise, simply surrender to him, at least we can keep our property! “

All the senior executives are completely panicked at this time.

Neither did they expect that the Dong family, a medical family who practiced medicine for eight generations, would one day be so embarrassed and desperate.

Just half an hour’s effort is already embarrassing.

Hear the words!

Dong Qianqiu also sighed deeply, nodded and said:

“Just do what you said, now you can only escape by going to the genius doctor Lin to make amends. It’s a disaster!”

At this time, he was also scared!

“Now seeing their Dong family is in bad luck, if you don’t beg for mercy at this time, it will be too late!”

Then, he stood up and faced everyone:

“You all follow me to see the genius doctor Lin. No matter what, you must get his forgiveness, even if you pay for the entire Dong family’s family business!”


At the moment, all the senior executives suddenly showed ecstasy and nodded in agreement!

And then!

Dong Qianqiu looked at Long Jiu with an awkward look:

“Brother Long, please show us the way! I also know what happened last time, I must be tired. You! But for the sake of our acquaintance, you can save our family!”

“As long as you are willing to help me, from now on you will be the benefactor of our Dong family, our Dong Home is looking forward to your horse’s head!”

See it!

Long Jiu also sighed and said:

“Don’t say if you don’t be benefactors, as long as you sincerely regret it, I believe the genius doctor Lin will forgive you! I just hope you Dong family, don’t let me down again!”

“It must be…”

Dong Qianqiu and the others were delighted and kept nodding their heads.

Long Jiu nodded and reminded:

“That’s right! The family members of Master Lin’s doctor don’t know his identity, so I don’t need to know what to do later. Did you say that?”

The members of the Dong family nodded wildly again!

“We must keep it secret! Never reveal the least!”

And then!

A group of people headed by Dong Qianqiu, Qi Qi headed towards Lin Fan’s residence.

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