Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1446

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Chapter 1446

And now!

After Lin Fan left the hotel, he went straight back to his home.


Then they opened the door and saw a middle-aged man sitting in their living room, with an arrogant expression and a light eyebrow, looking like Lao Tzu “the world is invincible”.

Domineering to the extreme!

“President Bai, you are simply a pig brain! Now that you have mastered the formula that can treat the new type of pneumonia, you should ask celebrities to publicize it at this time, and then stock up a lot of goods, and hunger marketing to speculate on it. The price!”

“At that time, a vaccine can be sold for 10,000 yuan, and countries around the world have to buy it. How much money can be transferred at that time?”
Speaking, the other party still looked at Bai Yi with a playful look:

“I think it shouldn’t be difficult to get through the major sales channels with your President Bai’s means?”
Today’s Jiangnan, who doesn’t know that Bai Yi is a woman with a means, who has climbed onto the bed of many bosses?

Hear the words!

Bai Yi’s heart suddenly rose with anger:

“Mr. Dong Mingfeng, our new Bai’s vaccine for the new type of pneumonia is produced to save people, not to make money!”

Now that the country is in distress, it is precisely when the vaccine is needed, but Dong Mingfeng is bent on taking this opportunity to make a fortune in the country. It is simply not as good as an animal!

Dong Mingfeng, this person is the biological son of Dong Qianqiu, the eldest of the Dong family!


She came to work with Bai Yi!
It’s just that it’s not so much cooperation as it is a plot to commit a crime.

Dong Qianqiu is at least planning to buy the formula, and his Dong Mingfeng…

Just want to go whoring!

At the moment, Dong Mingfeng smiled contemptuously:

“Save people? Come less! Isn’t selling drugs for money, earn money?”

“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense with you, let’s be honest, we, Dong’s Medicine, are interested in your formula!”

“I think you should know that our Dong’s Medicine is a family of medicine, Dong’s the group even occupies 50% of Huaxia Pharmaceutical’s market. As long as you cooperate with us and develop this formula together, I guarantee that you will sweep the Huaxia world and reach the world!”

Dong Mingfeng’s face is full Strong pride!

As if his Dong’s medicine is omnipotent.


Bai Yi looked impatient:

“What then?”

From Dong Mingfeng’s words and deeds, she has already seen this person. He is a profiteer, so he is not willing to cooperate with Dong Mingfeng at all.

It is even more reluctant to go with him and make money together in this country!


Seeing Bai Yi’s disdain, Dong Mingfeng frowned, and a trace of anger appeared in his eyes.

“It’s very simple, as long as you produce the technology, we will take care of the rest. When the time comes, we will divide the account between three and seven, and you can just wait to collect the money! Of course, it is us seven and three!”

He heard this!

Bai Yi just wanted to laugh, but did the other party really treat her as a fledgling little girl?

After so many things, she is no longer the Bai Yi.

First pulled her into the game in the name of cooperation, followed by sharing the formula on the grounds of technology sharing, and then kicked her out of the game after getting the formula. The name of the formula changed to their Dong family s things.

When the time comes, let alone become a three-year-old, she won’t even want to catch a dime!

So at the moment, Bai Yi suddenly has a face like frost, coldly dismissing the guests and saying:

“Mr. Dong, please!”

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