Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1450

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Chapter 1450

Lin Fan shrugged and smiled:

“I didn’t do anything!”
Then, he cast a threatening look at Dong Qianqiu and others.

Dong Qianqiu shuddered immediately, and then said weakly:

“It is the genius doctor Lin, we want to forcibly acquire the news of Xin Bai’s, let the genius doctor Lin know. He warned us that if Mr. Lin and Miss Bai Yi were not allowed to calm down, we would let our Dong family go bankrupt! “

Dong Qianqiu’s attitude is extremely respectful.

And these words finally made Bai Yi react, it turned out that the genius doctor Lin made the shot.

This is no wonder, after all, their new Bai’s, but they have cooperated with Lin’s doctor, Dong’s medicine wants to buy them, so naturally they can’t avoid Lin’s doctor.


At this time, Bai Yi felt that she was too lucky, and one after another there were nobles to help.

Now, the behemoth of Dong’s medicine, the behemoth in the medical industry, is actually kneeling in front of her. , Begging for her forgiveness, it was almost like a dream.

And now!

Lin Fan pointed to Dong Mingfeng and said:

“I don’t like this person very much. If I kick him out of Dong’s medicine, I will let the doctor Lin let you go.”


Dong Mingfeng’s expression changed wildly, this trash actually planned to kick himself out of Dong’s medicine?

At the moment, his face was full of shame. This trash was just a fake tiger in the name of the great doctor Lin. Without the support of the great doctor Lin, the two of them were nothing.

Now he dare to fan the flames and ask his father to drive him out of the house?

Damn it!

“Okay, I promise you!”

However, Dong Qianqiu didn’t even think about it, so he agreed.

This is the only way to preserve their Dong family, and he has no choice!


Dong Mingfeng’s eyes followed with a thick astonishment. What did he hear just now that his father actually agreed?

Is he really planning to drive himself out of the house?

Are you dreaming?

Dong Mingfeng was completely dumbfounded. He is the eldest of the Dong family and the future heir. As a result, because Lin Fan didn’t like a sentence, he should be swept out of the house?

No… Impossible!

In an instant, Dong Mingfeng said with a bitter expression on his face:

“Isn’t he just a genius doctor Lin? What is there to be afraid of? Standing behind me is a hundred times more terrifying than him. Existence! I don’t believe him as a doctor, so I dare to do anything to me!”

“Boy, don’t think that if you have the genius doctor Lin to support you, you are great! As long as I want to, one sentence can keep you from seeing the sun tomorrow! I advise you not to be aggressive!”

This time, he secretly came to Bai Yi to talk about cooperation without telling his family, but also because of the enlightenment of the people behind him.

The background behind him is so strong that it is unimaginable, even the great doctor Lin cannot match.

“Nizi! You dare to talk nonsense? Apologize to Mr. Lin immediately!”

Dong Qianqiu was almost mad.

This is the end of the matter, Dong Mingfeng is still stubborn, this is simply looking for death!

She really thought that the man in front of her wouldn’t dare to kill her?


At this time, Dong Mingfeng couldn’t listen to anyone’s words, and snorted coldly:

“You’re afraid of him, I’m not afraid! And my words are still here, then I have to decide on the formula, even the genius Doctor Lin can’t keep it!”


He stared at Lin Fan arrogantly:

“You tell your genius doctor Lin, if he wants to die, then continue to be nosy!”
After finishing speaking, he stepped out of the white house without looking back, with a domineering and superior appearance.

See it!

Dong Qianqiu also smiled bitterly:

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lin, the family is unfortunate for nurturing such a madman and offending you!”


Lin Fan sneered and looked at Dong Qianqiu deeply and said:
“Don’t worry! Since you can’t teach him, then I think the genius doctor Lin will be happy to do it for you!”

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