Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1451

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Chapter 1451

On the second day, what Lin Fan was worried about happened as expected?

Long Jiu called and told Lin Fan that Zhang Yichen had been fired from his own brokerage company.

The person who caused all this is Dong Mingfeng!

“I really dare to die.”

Lin Fan let out a cold snort then rode his battery car directly towards Zhang Yichen’s agency.

When he arrived at the brokerage company, Lin Fan saw Zhang Yichen packing up.

“Big Brother Lin, why are you here?”

Seeing Lin Fan, Zhang Yichen asked somewhat unexpectedly.

Lin Fan frowned, and said unhappy:

“Why didn’t you tell me something like this?”

Zhang Yichen just smiled. Said:

“It’s not a big deal I can’t always trouble you, right? And I was planning to change jobs, but it was ahead of schedule.”

Wen Yan, Lin Fan inevitably felt a little distressed. He couldn’t see it. Zhang Yichen didn’t want him to blame himself, so he didn’t tell him the matter.

“The surname is Lin, you are a broom star. After I met you, Sister Yichen has been unlucky!”

At this time, Zhang Yichen’s assistant Xiaomei jumped out and accused Lin Fan:

“It’s going to be like this now, and it’s all caused by you! You broom star, it’s not enough to harm President Bai, but also to Sister Yichen, why don’t you die!”

Xiaomei at this time He hated Lin Fan, his eyes filled with tears of grief and anger.

As a queen, being swept out of the house, what a shame is this, but Zhang Yichen didn’t tell him to prevent Lin Fan from worrying?

What right does this trash have to make her sister Yichen treat him so desperately?

Upon hearing this, Zhang Yichen’s face suddenly became cold, and he scolded angrily:

“Xiao Mei, don’t talk nonsense!”

But Xiao Mei has been ignored. I hate that iron can’t make steel:

“Sister Yichen, he killed you like this, so you still speak for him?”

“Shut up! Otherwise you Get out of here!”

Zhang Yichen scolded, and then looked at Lin Fan apologetically:

“Big Brother Lin, don’t know her, she is young and ignorant.”

And Lin Fan just smiled bitterly and shook his head:

“Isn’t she telling the truth? It was originally my fault…”

Zhang Yichen panicked immediately and wanted to say something, but Lin Fan waved her hand:

“Don’t worry, let me come out next, you won’t be expelled today.!”

“Just you?”

Xiaomei glared at Lin Fan, and sneered:

“A door-to-door son-in-law, who dares to speak loudly, is not afraid of the wind Flashed your tongue?”
To fire Zhang Yichen, but the chairman’s decision, what can Lin Fan change as a door-to-door son-in-law?


“Sister Yichen, ignore this neurosis. Now the chairman is losing his temper. If you go to him at this time, it will not be as simple as being expelled at that time, and it is very likely to be blocked. “

But Zhang Yichen ignored her dissuasion and looked at Lin Fan with a smile:

“Brother Lin, I believe you!”

Then, two The individuals went to the chairman’s office together.

But when they arrived at the door, they were stopped by a woman.

“Oh, isn’t this the queen of our China Entertainment? Oh no, it should be the queen of madness.”

The woman is dressed up with gorgeous makeup, and she looks like a escort. Miss, with a trace of milky white liquid still hanging from her mouth, came out of the chairman’s office.

At this time, she was looking at Zhang Yichen with a mocking look.

“Wang Feifei, do you still have any conscience? When you were a newcomer, who took care of you and introduced you to filming? Now you are in trouble?”

Little Mei suddenly became furious and scolded the other party.

This Wang Feifei was held by Zhang Yichen in one hand, but Zhang Yichen’s scenery was gone, she turned her face ruthlessly without saying, and now she is still in trouble.

It is simply not as good as a beast.


Wang Feifei suddenly frowned Liu’s eyebrows, and then slapped her fiercely on Xiao Mei’s face.

This slap directly slapped Xiao Mei, and immediately there was a slap print on her cheek.

Xiaomei’s aggrieved tears came down she stared at Wang Feifei and said:

“Why are you hitting me?”

Wang Feifei sneered, contemptuously said:

“A little assistant, dare to point fingers at me, Wang Feifei? Do you really think your master is still the queen?”

“I will not put your master in my eyes, what kind of thing are you?”

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