Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1454

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Chapter 1454


The audience was silent!

They all wonder if they are dazzled?

For an instant, the smile on Li Quan’s face completely solidified, as if struck by lightning, sluggish on the spot!

At a glance, he could see that these people in front of him had unusual identities, but they were so respectful to Lin Fan, this trash?

What’s even more exaggerated is that Lin Fan actually looks like he doesn’t respond?


What a joke!

“Yeah, in order to act in a play, you are willing to pay for it. How much did these people pay for it?”

Wang Feifei said with a satirical smile, she didn’t believe Lin Fan has this ability.


Li Quan’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he felt like that.

After all, Lin Fan’s incompetence is well-known in Jiangshi, how could he enjoy such a privilege?

Immediately after, he sneered and glared at Lin Fan:

“Dog stuff, you want to fool me when you think you’re looking for someone who’s not a fool? So you are a big shot?” Huh?

The members of Longya frowned when they heard Li Quan’s humiliation.

One of them yelled directly:

“You dare to insult him? Do you know who he is?”

But Li Quan didn’t care at all. The expression is even more disdainful:

“Yeah, it really seems like that. These actors are quite professional and cost a lot of money?”

“You guys, the acting skills are good, are you interested in coming to our entertainment company to develop? But the premise is that you have to cripple this bastard!”

These Dragon Tooth members exploded with a bang in their heads. Lin Zuo crippled?

This is so crazy!

At the moment, their faces are as ugly as they are.

The leading brawny stood up and walked towards Li Quan.

It is full of evil spirits!

Seeing this, Li Quan also panicked, and said angrily:

“What do you want to do, I will tell you, I am the boss of China Entertainment, what if you dare to treat me? , I want you poor ghosts to sit through the prison.”

However, the strong man seemed to have not heard him, pressing on step by step.

“What are you still doing, and crippling all these guys!”

Wang Feifei suddenly roared furiously.

But before the security guards took action, the Dragon Tooth members had already stormed out.

Knocked down the security guards in just a few seconds. Ground.

That painful moan resounded through the audience!


Everyone present was stunned, unable to believe their eyes.

Are these guys not actors?

Is it from the martial arts crew? How can you fight like this?

A few people fell over a dozen security guards in a few seconds. They were simply neat and effortless.

Li Quan was so frightened that he was about to kneel down, looked at the big man, and said in horror:

“You… don’t mess around! I warn you I have money, I can kill you! If you beat me, you will definitely regret it!”


The big man smiled and put his arms around Li Quan’s neck:

“Come on, you come with me!”

Then, without any explanation, he dragged Li, who was already scared to pee. Quan walked to the window.

“You take a good look, what kind of cars are those?”


Li Quan looked downstairs suspiciously, and immediately saw six overbearing Hummers, side by side in the parking lot, with camouflage bodies and military models.

And this is not what shocked Li Quan. What he really shocked was the license plate!

The moment he saw those license plates, he was scared to pee, and his face was pale and whispered:

“Military…Military license!”

These guys, came these cars?

Then how could they be the actors invited by Lin Fan?

Who has so much energy to invite military vehicles to act?

However, there is more to it!

The big man continued to show his credentials to Li Quan:

“Come on take a look again, what is written on it?”

When Li Quan saw the two clear words on the certificate, he exploded on his scalp and sat weakly on the ground:

“Dragon… Longya?”

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