Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1455

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Chapter 1455

Longya is a well-known Chinese army. It belongs to the special army and ranks among the top ten in the entire Chinese army.

And these people turned out to be Longya people?

What’s even more terrifying is that from the big man’s certificate, he clearly saw that it was written with a Samsung warrior.

At this time, Li Quan was so scared that Qi Qiao was about to smoke, and his eyes were full of panic and consternation.

“You just insulted all the high-ranking fighters of Longya!”

The big man grinned and patted Li Quan on the shoulder.


Hearing this, Li Quan almost freaked out, his face completely pale.


He wanted to explain, but he couldn’t say a word for a long time.

All these people belong to Longya, and all of them are generals?

Oh my god!

What did he do?

At this time, when Wang Feifei saw Li Quan slumped to the ground in terror, she was also puzzled. What did the big man say, actually scared a dignified one hundred billion old Dong to almost incontinence. ?

“Chairman, what are you doing? You are not ready to clean up these dead wastes, how did they insult you just now, have you forgotten?”

“Don’t let them fool you Ah!”

Wang Feifei said, shouldn’t Li Quan really believe that these people have great identities?

Hearing this, Li Quan almost didn’t lose his breath, and immediately yelled at Wang Feifei hysterically:

“Shut up! Shut up you slut!” Otherwise, I will kill you!”

Those military-licensed vehicles are clearly in front of you, how can they be faked?

This idiot woman still dare not say anything to these warlords this is going to kill him.

But Lin Fan said with a faint smile:

“Yes, Chairman Li, am I waiting for you to clean me up?”


Li Quan looked at Lin Fan in horror, and suddenly remembered the questioning of these warriors in his mind, do you know who Lin Fan is?

Is it possible that this guy still does not know the identity?

This must be the case!

Otherwise, how could these warriors kneel in front of Lin Fan like dogs?

At the moment, he realized that he had caused a serious accident, and looked at Lin Fan with horror:

“You…who are you?”

At the moment, a group of dragon-tooth warriors laughed loudly, as if they had heard a big joke.

And the louder they laugh, the more flustered Li Quan.

At this time, both legs were shaking, and he really felt like he was about to pee.

The big man laughed and said:

“Idiot, you are really blinded by your dog’s eyes you don’t even know the dignified wood seat!”


These words are like five thunders, deafening!

Makes him crazy!

At this time, Li Quan was covered with cold sweat instantly, as if he had been fished out of the water.

Lin… Lin Zuo?

“Did you hear me wrong just now?”

Is this guy Lin Zuo?

It’s not just Li Quan!

When Xiaomei and Wang Feifei heard this, their brains exploded in an instant, completely dumbfounded, and their eyes were filled with consternation.

Lin Zuo? How could he be Lin Zuo?

Isn’t this guy the son-in-law? How did

Become a forest seat?

At this moment, they couldn’t believe their ears they just felt that they were dreaming.

Li Quan’s eyes were black, and he was about to pass out immediately. He was already crying,

“Lin Zuo, please! Please! I didn’t mean it, it was all. Dong Mingfeng’s idea is that he is going to kill you, it has nothing to do with me!”

“You just treat me as a fart, let it go!”

Aside, so does Wang Feifei with her face as gray as death, she fell to the ground feebly, completely desperate.

She, a star, dare to insult Lin Zuo?

Now even Li Quan is finished, then she…

A deep regret suddenly appeared on her face, knowing that she had caused a catastrophe.

That is one of China’s four major army seats!

Offends him, can he still have a way to survive?

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