Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1473

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Chapter 1473

Seeing this, Bai Yi also couldn’t bear it, turned his head and looked at Xu Longxiang

” Old Xu Quit your anger, anyway, they are my family, can you let them go this time? “

” Lin Zuo, I will explain! “


Xu Longxiang hesitated, then looked towards Lin Fan without leaving a trace.


This The action was made by Bai Yi who was right in front of him noticed. Xu Longxiang was asking Lin Fan’s opinion? Is

her illusion?

Lin Fan did not speak. But with his eyes lowered,

Xu Longxiang immediately understood what Lin Fan meant, and turned to look at Zhu Zhide’s family:

“Since President Bai begs for your mercy, then I can only I can let you go. But from now on, I will not allow any company to cooperate with you! “


Zhu Zhide, who heard this, passed out completely.

Because he also realized that although his life was saved, But it is already ruined.

From now on, Zhu’s family is just a mouse crossing the street, and everyone shouts and beats.

“Go away!”

Xu Longxiang said without a good face.

Zhu Ru and the others did not dare to say a word, carrying Zhu Zhide who was in a coma, and walked away in despair.

At this time, Lin Chentao walked up with a smile, and said flatly:

“Old Xu, I have long admired Lin Zuo, can I Could you please introduce me?”

The old man of the Lin family has already spoken. Whoever can cooperate with Lin Zuo can become the next Lin family head.

Therefore, at this time, Lin Chentao did not want to miss this great opportunity.

It’s a pity!

When Xu Longxiang heard this, he sneered and shook his head:

“Do you think that if you did something like this today, will Lin Zuo see you again?” “

Hear the words!

Lin Chentao’s expression suddenly stiffened, Lin Zuo already knew what was happening here?

At the moment, his face was completely gloomy, and deep hatred appeared in the depths of his eyes.

In his opinion, all this is the ghost of Xu Longxiang. Their Longya and Xiaoxiao have always been at odds, and they must have fanned the flames in front of Lin Zuo!

Also, that damn Lin Fan!

Because of this bastard, I offended Lin Zuo without knowing it. This waste is damned!

Seeing Lin Chentao not speaking, Xu Longxiang smiled more playfully.

If you let Lin Chentao know that the Lin Zuo that their Lin family tried every possible way to curry favor was the waste and abandoner who was swept out by them back then, what would you think?

I’m afraid, you will regret your intestines, right?

“Lin Chentao, you can go now! Because of what you did today, Lin Zuo will never be able to cooperate with your Lin family anymore, you just wait and deal with the King of the Blood Prison yourself!”
Xu Longxiang laughed loudly, his voice filled with sarcasm and ridicule.

is not only laughing at Lin Chentao, but also at the Lin family who has no bead!

Just listen to this!

Lin Chentao’s hairs stood upright, and his face was full of panic.

If you let the Lin family know that it was because of him that caused the Lin Zuo to feel sick to them, then he would be completely finished!

At that time, let alone the head of the Patriarch, he might be kicked out of the Lin family!

At the moment, his eyes seemed to breathe fire, and a deep resentment appeared in him:

“Old Xu, are you really unwilling to recommend Lin Zuo for me?”
That hatred is extremely strong!

At this moment, the atmosphere completely dropped to freezing point.

Everyone is in trepidation and fear, and they all realize that Lin Chentao and Xu Longxiang are about to tear their faces completely!

These two existences standing at the pinnacle of power, once impulse occurs, it must be earth-shattering.

China’s precious circle, I’m afraid it will usher in a new round of reshuffle!

Xu Longxiang looked at him with a calm face, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“I don’t want to!”


Lin Chentao roared suddenly, and said grimly:

“Then, one In the next month’s test, you are ready to give to your lovers, collect their bodies!”


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