Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1474

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Chapter 1474


He left without looking back!

And Dong Mingfeng on the side also gave Lin Fan an extremely unwilling look, and quickly followed Lin Chentao’s footsteps.

This scene!

Xu Longxiang wanted to clap his hands and applaud, because he knew that Lin Fan, who heard this, would never let Lin Chentao win the first place in the competition a month later.

Then, the press conference will continue!

Those big guys are obviously more enthusiastic than before, one by one around Bai Yi, like a star holding the moon.

Everyone has a pleasing smile on their faces, congratulating the launch of the new Bai’s vaccine.

At this time, Lin Fan was dragged to a corner with no one by Zheng Honglian.


Apart from anything else, Zheng Honglian knelt directly in front of Lin Fan, crying terribly:

“Please Lin Zuo for help!”

At that time, Bai Chen and Bai Hu both knelt in horror, begging:

, “Please Lin Zuo, save my life from the Bai family!”

Lin Fan frowned and asked inexplicably:

“Get up and talk!”

But Zheng Honglian and others kept shaking their heads:
“If Lin Zuo doesn’t agree, we won’t get up!”


Lin Fan’s body suddenly broke out with terror and pressure, staring at them coldly:

“Are you threatening me?”

Zheng Honglian The three of them shuddered suddenly, and their faces instantly turned pale.

“Gulian, get up first before talking about anything. I believe Lin Zuo will not sit idly by. Why are you doing this?”

Sima Longming also advised.

Zheng Honglian wiped her tears, then stood up and said:

“Lin Zuo, our Bai family had offended an underground city at that time ten years ago because of the power struggle. The overlord finally paid the price of more than 20 people’s lives before finally driving him out of Jiangnan.”

“And I received news that he was ready to return to China and vowed to kill our Bai family everyone up and down!”

“And his current ability, eradicating our Bai family is easy, even if the four of us are united, there is no way to compete!”


The other three Patriarchs were also completely stunned.

Today’s Jiangnan can be said to be in the bag of the four of them, but the person in Zheng Honglian’s mouth can’t even compete with the four of them?

How is this possible?


Lin Fan’s expression was still calm, even disdainful, and asked faintly:

“Who is he?”

Then, Zheng Honglian It was a name that made the other three Patriarchs panic completely:

“He is, Ning Changkong!”


At this moment, the atmosphere completely burst!

Especially the Sima family and Ye family, at this time, their hairs are standing upright, they are frightened!

Obviously, those who are familiar with this name can no longer be familiar with it!

Ning Changkong, the original master of Jiangnan!

Originally, the four great families ruled Jiangnan for a hundred years, but suddenly a man was born. It took just ten years to establish his own power in Jiangnan.

The four big families can’t hold their heads up!

And this person has a cruel temperament, ruthless and ruthless, and will destroy the whole family as soon as he shoots, and even the children will not let it go.

In the four major families at the time, men were killed, women were raped, children were dismembered, and all were killed by Ning Changkong.

So the four big families later had to join forces to drive him out of Jiangnan!

But he did not expect that he would come back again after many years!

Right now, Sima Longming said in extreme panic:

“Honglian, you…what you said is true? Ning Changkong, is he really going back to Jiangnan? “

Ye Wuya also looked worried, and instantly became uneasy:

“Back when we jointly drove this demon away, he has always held a grudge against us. In addition to regaining Jiangnan this time, he must come to us for revenge.”

They can finally understand. Why was Zheng Honglian so nervous just now?

At this time, he saw Zheng Honglian nodded bitterly:

“Not only will he make a comeback, but he is also a hundred times more terrifying than before!”

“Because now Ning Changkong is in the realm of a master!”


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