Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1475

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Chapter 1475


The four of you, the scalp was numb, and it was shocked!


Back then, Ning Changkong was not yet a master, and he had already caused the four big families to be overwhelmed with nothing to do.

Now that they have reached the top master, what else can they do to resist such monsters?

And Lin Fan couldn’t help frowning, and seemed to feel a little surprised.

Ning Changkong, he had heard of this name when he was overseas. It is said that this person is a stranger who is able to reach the top of the master realm step by step by fighting in the black market boxing arena. .

Since he became the top master, none of the boxers in the black market boxing ring can survive ten moves from him.

Therefore, he slowly became the master of the boxing arena, and he has a large number of followers around him!

It is said that there are as many as 30,000 believers alone!

If he airborne Jiangnan, killing the four big families is indeed like digging into the bag, and it’s as easy as turning back.


Immediately following, the members of the four major families, Qi Qi knelt down towards Lin Fan, begging in unison:

“Pray for Lin Zuo to save my life!”

Now, only Lin Fan can save them.

Everyone’s faces are full of deep fear and anxiety, and they are obviously about to be scared to pee.

At this time, Lin Fan was very calm, and sneered:

“Don’t worry, he dares to come! I dare to bury it!”

Bai’s up and down? That includes Bai Yi?

Then how can Lin Fan ignore it?

Just listen to this!

The four great masters, this is like taking a reassuring pill, and he is extremely grateful, but fortunately, I have taken refuge in Lin Fan.

Otherwise, at this time, they are bound to die!


Not only the four masters, but the big bosses of several other provinces are also anxious.

Because they knew that this time when Ning Changkong came back, he would definitely not be satisfied with Jiangnan, Jiangbei and other provinces, and they would not escape the clutches.


They united and held a party together, and they planned to discuss together how to deal with Ning Changkong.

And at this time, these big men are all followed by strong men, and each one is arrogant and domineering! are all showing people with a high profile!

But Chen Jinxing, the initiator of this time, was smoking a cigarette with a worried look.

“Why haven’t the four Jiangnan masters come yet? Are they afraid?”

“They are not like them, anyway, we have gathered so many people now, as long as Ning Changkong dares to come, we will let him come back and forth!”

A fat man with a full face coldly snorted, but he didn’t care at all.

“Yes, Na Ning Changkong is a good grandmaster, but we also have so many grandmasters here, two fists are hard to beat four hands, I don’t believe that he can turn over again!”
“That is, let alone we also invited the invincible existence under Grandmaster Li Qiankun, Grandmaster Li, Na Ning Changkong just came from the net!”

Several big guys, all confident full!

And at this moment, Lin Fan and the four great masters walked into the arena one after another.

“How many Patriarchs, what about the strong ones you hire?”

Chen Jinxing quickly got up and asked.

Zheng Honglian took the initiative to explain to them:

“This is Mr. Lin he is the strong one we invited this time!”

“Yes He is here Ning Changkong is definitely dead or alive!”

Everyone immediately looked at Lin Fan, and after just one glance, their expressions became interesting.

A scornful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Of the strong players present, which one is not sturdy, full of aura and full of master style?

But right now, this guy is obviously a yellow-haired kid!

Just that body shape makes people wonder if it is malnourished. Such a guy is a strong one?

At this time, Chen Jinxing also looked disappointed. He thought that the four great masters had gone to the blood prison, and the strong man he invited should be extraordinary!

Even more, he hoped that Jiangnan could invite the mad god of blood prison.

No matter how bad it is, it should be a famous existence in the Blood Prison!

But now, his hopes have been completely shattered, and the young man in front of him disappointed him extremely.

At the moment, his attitude suddenly changed from eagerness to indifferent, and also a weird irony:

“It seems that the status of the four masters in the blood hell is not what we imagined. That’s so high!”

“Huh! Rather than bring a waste, you might as well not come!”


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