Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1479

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Chapter 1479

These words are extremely arrogant!

It’s as if Lin Fan is already dead!


Lin Fan was still indifferent, but instead smiled and asked:

“Are you sure you want to do it with me?”

Zheng Honglian and others who are familiar with him they knew that Lin Fan was completely angry now.

Then, Li Qiankun will pay the price for his arrogance!

Li Qiankun heard that Lin Fan was scared.

Right now, he smiled contemptuously:

“What, are you scared? Today, I will definitely let you taste my sunder warhammer!”

Chen Jinxing, etc. People also felt that Lin Fan was scared, and wanted to bluff again at this time.

They seemed to have expected that Lin Fan’s brain burst and he was treated as a scene of hammering to death.

At the moment, Chen Jinxing sneered:

“Boy, you are such a brave guy! Even if you pretend to be a master, you dare to provoke Grandmaster Li?”
“People can even kill Ning Changkong at will. What kind of thing are you worthy of insulting him?”


His voice just fell, and before Lin Fan could refute, a gloomy laughter sounded abruptly from the field.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie, kill my master at will? Just rely on this waste?”


The audience was completely shocked!

Everyone looked at a corner together, only to find that a young man was already sitting there at some unknown time.

The young man, drinking tea slowly, without even lifting his eyelids, was extremely arrogant.

As if he is the master of this party!

At the moment, Chen Jinxing and others’ faces suddenly became gloomy, and they asked unkindly:

“Who are you?”

Hearing this, the young man said then he put down the tea cup, looked up at Chen Jinxing, and said with a smile:

“Me? I am Ning Changkong’s chief disciple, Liu Biao!” Wow!

The expressions of everyone present changed wildly!

Ning Changkong’s chief disciple is here?

Is Na Ning Changkong also here?

They felt their scalp numb, and they were extremely disturbed!

Especially, they also noticed that Liu Biao’s body was filled with a disturbing aura. It was a murderous aura that had been honed after many years of killing countless people on the battlefield!

At this time, even Li Qiankun, who was extremely arrogant, couldn’t help but change his color.

As if seeing everyone’s fear, Liu Biao suddenly dismissed a smile:

“Don’t worry! My master hasn’t returned to China. I am the only one here today!”
“I, Liu Biao, wanted to try your depths for Master today, but I have to say, I am very disappointed!”

When Ning Changkong was not here, everyone was relieved!

And Chen Jinxing suddenly sneered:

“What if your master Ning Changkong is here? Do you know who this is next to me? He is the famous Li of China. Grandmaster!”

“Under the great master, he is invincible! As long as your master is still a grandmaster, he is an ant in his eyes!”


Li Qiankun, who was so touted, also straightened his waist and stared at Liu Biao disdainfully:

“Get out! You are not qualified to fight with me, let your master come. !”

The atmosphere has completely changed!

Become tense, murderous aura spreads instantly at this moment!

Liu Biao stared at Li Qiankun intently, with murderous intent in his eyes:

“Really? Then I will help my master and learn your methods!”

The figure was instantly culled like a cheetah, and two sharp blades appeared in his hands instantly, directly stab Li Qiankun!

“Looking for death!”

Li Qiankun was furious, and when he lifted the heavy hammer, he smashed it at Liu Biao!

See it!

Chen Jinxing and others laughed at the misfortune and cheered for Li Qiankun:

“Master Li, don’t be merciful! Give a lesson, this unaware boy!”

“Ning Changkong’s disciple is not worth mentioning! With your means, he must be killed like a dog!”

They all believed in Li Qiankun’s strength, because just now Has been completely overwhelmed by Li Qiankun’s one-handed hammer lifting method.


At this moment, an untimely voice followed:

“Li Qiankun lost!”


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