Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1480

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Chapter 1480


Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked, and then they all looked at the speaker.

He saw that the speaker turned out to be Lin Fan, who was shaking his head with contempt at this time.
“Nonsense! Grandmaster Li’s depth can be estimated by rubbish like you?”

“Shut up, rubbish, what kind of thing are you, dare to comment on the battle between the two masters?”

“What do you mean, Zheng Honglian, do you not fear that Grandmaster Li will hate Grandmaster Li if you allow this kid to insult Grandmaster Li again and again?”

Chen Jinxing and other big guys all stared at Lin Fan angrily.

All feel that this kid is talking nonsense.

In their opinion, Li Qiankun will definitely not be defeated. Such existence is more than enough to deal with Ning Changkong, let alone his disciple!

But right now!

The scene that made them desperate suddenly happened!

The moment Li Qiankun’s giant hammer hit, Liu Biao flashed past his hammer like a slippery loach.


Li Qiankun’s expression changed drastically, realizing that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

Liu Biao showed a grim smile, and his skinny monkey body suddenly burst up and rushed towards Li Qiankun’s face.

Those two extremely sharp blades swept directly at Li Qiankun’s neck!


Blood splashed away wantonly!


The armor-sundering warhammer then smashed weakly on the ground.


Li Qiankun covered his cut throat with both hands, stepped back a few steps messily, and then thumped, and his huge body crashed to the ground.
After a while, he died!

In those eyes, there is still a deep regret and disbelief!

It seems that he can’t believe it in a dream, that he will be killed by the opponent with one move!


The scene before my eyes suddenly seemed like a basin of cold water, extinguishing the flames in the hearts of Chen Jinxing and others.

Made their scalp numb, and their eyes seemed to split apart.

Li Qiankun, known as the invincible under the Great Master, was killed by Ning Changkong’s disciple with a single move?

This is the most famous master of China!

Is not an exaggeration to be hailed as the capital of the Grand Master? He can lift a heavy hammer of eight hundred jin with one hand, but it turns out that he can’t hold it anymore?


This must be a dream!

Chen Jin Xing and others couldn’t believe their eyes at this time, and they trembled frantically as if they had a cold.

“On this point, I am worthy to challenge my master?”

At this moment, Liu Biao smiled with extreme contempt, with a tiger-wolf-like look. One passed by Chen Jinxing and others.

Chen Jinxing and others, all faces were ashamed, and they couldn’t say a word.

Is that trash kid right?

Li Qiankun lost, and he lost so simply, there is no room for resistance at all!

Why is this happening!

More desperate, still to come!

He saw that Liu Biao casually wiped the bloody blade on his body, and said with a grinning smile:

“Right, your information is wrong, I Master, his old man is not a grandmaster, but a veritable…Grandmaster!”


Chen Jinxing was directly paralyzed by fright, his pupils shrank frantically, and she felt her scalp burst.

Great… Great Master?

Ning Changkong is not a grandmaster, but a great grandmaster that is a hundred times more terrifying than a grandmaster?

This news is simply bad news for them!

Great Master, there are rare existences in the world!

And each one, killing the master is as easy as squeezing an ant!

It is so there, how can they resist it?

Not to mention the fact that a dozen or so masters were found, even if the number were doubled, Ning Changkong would not necessarily be won!

At this moment, everyone was completely desperate.

This party suddenly became silent and plunged into deathly silence.

Every big guy’s eyes are filled with a deep sense of consternation and disbelief. He can’t believe this is true!

See it!

Liu Biao smiled even more ironically:

“Who else wants to challenge my master? My disciple, I can do it for you!”

Just But no one dared to speak!


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