Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1481

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Chapter 1481

Even existences like Li Qiankun were killed by Liu Biao.


Behind Liu Biao, there is Ning Changkong who is a great master!

Even if they win against Liu Biao, they will not be able to deal with Ning Changkong. At this time, everyone feels frustrated.

All of them lowered their heads and looked bitter, as if they had realized that the day when their family business was annexed by Ning Changkong.

Liu Biao suddenly felt boring and sneered:

“It’s really a bunch of trash. Since you don’t do anything, then we can count on the ledger!”


His cold eyes stared at Zheng Honglian and the others, and a brutal smile was outlined at the corner of his mouth:

“I am coming back this time, I will kill on Master’s order. You avenge that one arrow back then!”

“After you will be killed, your children and grandchildren will soon reunite with you in the underworld. Which of you will die first?”
These words are not ordinary arrogance, as if Zheng Honglian and others only have the right to choose the order of death in his eyes.

After seeing Liu Biao’s harsh methods, Zheng Honglian also became nervous, knowing that she would never be able to stop such a murderer.

One by one, they looked at Lin Fan pleadingly:

“Please Mr. Lin for help!”


Lin Fan yawned, and then walked forward casually.
“Boy, you want to die?”

Noticed Lin Fan, but Liu Biao was still arrogant and arrogant, and his eyes were full of disdain:

“I admire your courage, so I will let you die a little bit later.”

But Lin Fan seemed to have not heard his threat, smiling brightly:
“You are leaving now, how about I think about not killing you?”


The audience fell into a strange silence!

Everyone seemed to have stopped breathing, and stared at Lin Fan with a ghostly look.

He just feels that his brain is blank!

Consider not killing Liu Biao?

Even Li Qiankun, the most powerful of them, was killed by the opponent with a single move. They really couldn’t figure out where Lin Fan was confident.

They thought that Li Qiankun was exaggerated enough, but now it seems that Lin Fan is a hundred times more exaggerated than him!

But the difference is that Lin Fan is a stupid exaggeration!

Everyone’s eyes widened in horror, even Liu Biao at this time was dumbfounded.

Isn’t it possible for this idiot to think that just a few words of his own can scare away the murderous Liu Biao?


Soon, Liu Biao sighed helplessly, and said with a disappointed look:

“Why did you find them all?”

He took the knife and walked towards Lin Fan step by step.

“To be honest, I really don’t want to kill you rubbish, because it doesn’t mean anything at all.”

Chen Jinxing laughed ironically, looking at Lin Fan like seeing an idiot.

Isn’t it good to be a trash honestly? Have to die?

It’s alright now. Liu Biao has been angered. It’s hard for you not to die!

However, Lin Fan also sneered at the moment Liu Biao was walking:

“I will treat you as rejection!”


Liu Biao’s expression changed. He didn’t seem to expect that Lin Fan would still dare to be arrogant.

At the moment, he smiled grimly and stared at Lin Fan fiercely:

“I changed my mind, next! I will let you die!”


His figure suddenly rushed out, like a method, two swords angrily cut Lin Fan’s neck!

“Mr. Lin, be careful!”

Zheng Honglian shouted in horror!

Be careful?

Chen Jinxing and others only found it funny. Liu Biao’s knife couldn’t even stop Li Qiankun. Is this waste useful to be careful?

This idiot is dead!

But just when everyone thought that Lin Fan would definitely die!

Under everyone’s horrified eyes, Lin Fan slowly stretched out his hand.

Two fingers, just two fingers, blocked Liu Biao!

Hold his blade firmly between his fingers!


At this moment, Liu Biao sucked in air-conditioning severely!

That face full of grinning, at this moment was completely distorted because of panic.

It’s not just him!

At the moment of seeing this scene, Chen Jinxing and other big guys were also completely stunned!

This scene is a hundred times more shocking than Liu Biao killing Li Qiankun!

Liu Biao killed Li Qiankun with just one move, but in Lin Fan’s case, one of his moves was blocked by Lin Fan in an almost humiliating way?


This is nothing short of an illusion!

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