Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1483

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Chapter 1483

Hear the words!

Chen Jinxing and the others suddenly stiffened and embarrassed to the extreme.

And Ye Shihao sneered directly on the side,

“You are very forgetful, have you forgotten how you humiliated Grandmaster Lin just now?”
“Master Lin is already a great gift if you don’t kill you. You still have the face to beg him to do it?”

Chen Jinxing and others blushed even more, and at this time their intestines were all regretful. , I can’t wait to smoke my two big mouths.

And Lin Fan was also indifferent, saying:

“Please ask for more blessings!”

He said, he didn’t look back. Is gone.

“Master Lin stayed, Master Lin stayed quickly!”

Chen Jinxing and others are almost crying, this is the real boss, he is afraid he is the only one. Have the ability to fight against Ning Changkong.

If he misses Lin Fan, then they will be over!

“Patriarch Zheng, we all know that we are wrong, please help us plead with Master Lin, you can do anything you want us to do!”

Chen Jinxing is miserable firmly grasping Zheng Honglian’s hand, as if grasping a life-saving straw.

It’s a pity, Zheng Honglian just sighed and shook her head and said,
“I’m sorry, I have already given you the opportunity. Since you don’t know how to cherish, then you have to bear the consequences.”


Zheng Honglian shook off Chen Jinxing’s hand and left with the other three patrons.


Seeing this, Chen Jinxing suddenly sat weakly on the ground, her face like ashes.

Deep regret and despair appeared in his eyes!

“Chairman Chen, we…what shall we do?”

Those big guys are also already innocent at this time.

“What should we do? What else can we do now besides waiting for death?”

Chen Jinxing’s face showed a bitter smile, and the whole person seemed to be tens of years old in an instant.

The only savior drove them away. This is self-inflicted.


By this time, Lin Fan had already returned home.

Suddenly saw that Zhu Ru’s family was also present, but compared with the past, the attitude has changed drastically. Everyone has a pleasing smile on their faces, and they are inquisitive to Bai Yi.

Obviously, after that day, they knew Bai Yi’s ability, knowing that they wanted to save the bankruptcy situation, only let Bai Yi speak.

Therefore, at this time, she kept trying to please Bai Yi.

“Xiao Fan, are you back?”

Shen Yumei shouted, and the Zhu Ru family also looked over.

However, when facing Lin Fan, Zhu Ru and Zhu Zhide still showed contempt and disdain.

Because in their opinion, the reason why Lin Zuo cares about a Xiaoxiaoxin Bai family must be because Bai Yi has nothing to do with Lin Fan.

Therefore, Zhu Ru started to be a demon, and said with a smirk:

“Cousin, I really didn’t say you, how can this waste be worthy of you?”
“You still consider my suggestion. Zhang Kaiming is a really good buddy, and he has played an important role in Longya at a young age. He is already a two-star fighter!”

Hear the words!

Lin Fan only noticed that there was a young man sitting beside Zhu Ru and others.

The body is burly, the waist is straight, and at first glance, he is out of his own ranks!

It was staring at Lin Fan with a contemptuous and provocative look, as if mocking Lin Fan’s incompetence.

Because he will take away his woman in a while!

He is Zhang Kaiming’s best friend Qin Xianzhong, Longya’s two-star warrior!

Today, Zhu Ru’s family came here, one purpose is to beg for mercy, and the other is to introduce Qin Xianzhong to Bai Yi.

Qin Xianzhong and Longya came to Jiang City together, but after learning that even their Longya leaders had participated in Bai Yi’s press conference, he thought about this woman and wanted to rely on Bai Yi’s strength to fulfill your dream of becoming a leader!

And after seeing Bai Yi, he was completely shocked by Bai Yi’s beauty!

He originally only wanted to use Bai Yi as a springboard, but now he is completely fascinated by Bai Yi!

So he has secretly vowed in his heart that he will get this woman anyway!

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