Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1484

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Chapter 1484

As for Lin Fan!

He didn’t care about it at all!

What qualifications does such a waste who eat soft food have to grab a woman with him?

At the same time, Zhu Zhide also said with a smile on his face:

“This is not just Bai Yi, Xiao Qin will replace Longya in the battle of the Owl Legion this time, once he wins him He will be promoted to a three-star warlord immediately, and even God of War is possible, and the future is unlimited!”

“And, I also heard that this time Longya has found a very powerful instructor to give Xiao Qin and the others trained, and if he was in Xiao Qin, they would surely be able to win the Owl Legion.”

“Because that instructor is very likely to be one of the four major armies!”


Bai Yi’s family was shocked, and they stared at Zhu Zhide strangely.

One of the four major military seats, will come to train Longya?

Isn’t there a high probability that Longya will win the first place in this competition?

Seeing the surprise of Bai Yi and others, Zhu Zhide said while the iron was hot:

“This means that Xiao Qin can be promoted to a three-star warrior! Bai Yi, He is only twenty-five years old, he can be called a dragon and a phoenix among the people. I think it is a good match for you!”

The family tried their best to match Bai Yi and Qin Xianzhong, because Qin Xian had promised. As long as they can help him take Bai Yi, he will cover their Zhu family in the future.

Can not only be forgiven by Bai Yi, but also find a great backer, why not do it?

And Qin Xianzhong also stared at Bai Yi with tender eyes:

“Bai Yi, as long as you are willing to marry me, I promise to make you a happy woman in the world!”
At this time, Shen Yumei and Bai Shan looked at Qin Xianzhong with idiot eyes.

Is this kid’s brain soaking up?

He just proposed to marry the girl for the first time. He is afraid to scare the girl?

One more thing, the husband is still around. He digs the foot of the wall in front of the husband. Isn’t it too arrogant?

And Lin Fan’s brows couldn’t help but frown.

This Qin Xianzhong is really crazy!

Proposed to his wife in front of him, and ignored him?

It’s a pity!

Bai Yi was expressionless, and said with a little impatient tone:

“Mr. Qin, I am honored to show your love, but I am already married. Please don’t be here. I was wasting time.”


Qin Xianzhong’s expression suddenly stiffened, but a hint of anger appeared in his eyes.

This is the first time he has been rejected by a woman!

At the moment, he is Lin Fan looking aside with a bad look:

“He? With all due respect, Miss Bai Yi, this kind of waste is not worthy of you at all! You deserve better!”

Bai Yi rejected him for such a wine and rice bag, which made Qin Xianzhong very angry.

And hearing this, Bai Yi’s eyebrows furrowed suddenly, and a touch of displeasure appeared on his face.
This Qin Xianzhong is really annoying!

Don’t say arrogant, it’s rude!

“Bai Yi, don’t hesitate, this is your good match! That trash is not worthy of you at all, so please divorce him quickly!”

“Yes Cousin, do you really intend to guard this waste for the rest of your life? Are you afraid of being laughed at?”

Zhu Ru and his daughter also began to persuade them.


Bai Yi scolded angrily, saying:

“If you are a guest, I welcome it! But if you are come to intervene in my family affairs, then I can only ask you to go out!” Upon hearing this, Zhu Ru’s family suddenly stiffened, knowing that Bai Yi is angry, and they are now asking. Yu Baiyi naturally did not dare to say anything.

And now!

Qin Xianzhong also stood up with a face of shame, but a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, staring at Bai Yi extremely arrogantly:

“Bai Yi, you will I changed my mind!”

“It won’t be long before you will know that only I, Qin Xianzhong, is worthy of you!”

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