Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1485

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Chapter 1485


He put a stack of tickets on the table and said high above:

“This is a ticket to the Legion Tournament. You can’t buy it if you have money. I hope you can come to see me and you will know what a real man is!”
Qin Xian headed towards the outside arrogantly, as if he could already feel Bai Yi’s obsessive eyes and the deep awe of everyone present.

It’s a pity that he thinks his wild and unruly attitude is a stupid behavior in the eyes of the Bai Yi family.

Their family has gone through so many storms, and they are already more in love than Jin Jian. Can an outsider provoke them with a few words?

They don’t know where Qin Xianzhong’s self-confidence comes from!

Bai Yi picked up the ticket in disgust, and planned to throw it in the trash can.

But right now!

Zhu Zhide didn’t give up, and quickly shouted:

“Bai Yi, this must not be lost! You may look down on Xiao Qin now, but once you see him after showcasing his glory in the arena, maybe he will change his mind!”

“Yes, cousin, that Qin Xianzhong is steadily promoted to a three-star warrior this time, and is even eligible to compete. God of War, you have to regret that you missed him.”

Zhu Ru also spoke quickly, but she sneered in her heart.

She knows that Qin Xianzhong, although very good, is violent and alcoholic, and has a history of marriage.

The three previous wives were all beaten away by him, and one of them was crippled for life.

If Bai Yi marries him, it will suffer.

“I won’t regret it! Also, I’m having a very happy life now, and my marriage doesn’t need you to intervene!” Bai Yi said with a cold face. Throw the ticket in the trash can.

See it!

Zhu Zhide and Zhang Kaiming suddenly had a sharp look in their eyes, and they were already scolding in their hearts.

He is really a cheap bone. Don’t want to leave a son-in-law with a dragon, insisting on guarding a waste, this Bai Yi is afraid that it is a sordid embryo in his bones!

And Zhu Ru was also extremely disappointed. Originally, she wanted to push Bai Yi into the fire pit, but she didn’t expect Bai Yi to be fooled.

But right now!

One hand grabbed Bai Yi’s hand, making Bai Yi startled,

“Lin Fan, what are you?” saw Lin Fan smiling,

“It’s good intentions, how can you mess up so much?”


Upon hearing this, everyone was stunned can’t believe my ears.

The other party tried to snatch your wife in front of you, but instead of getting angry, you were anxious to send your wife outside to death?

Does this guy have a brain?

Right now, Zhu Zhide’s family suddenly sneered. As expected, waste is waste, and even his wife was scolded by someone.

But they didn’t know. Lin Fan wanted to see what kind of expression Qin Xianzhong would look like when he knew that the instructor Longya had invited was his rubbish Lin Fan.

“Bai Yi, you see Lin Fan has said so, don’t you want to refuse?”

“Lin Fan, you are really good, you are Knowing that I am not worthy of Bai Yi, do you want to retreat?”

Bai Yi took a deep look at Lin Fan, and finally nodded and agreed:

“Okay, then I will check it out!”

Although she doesn’t know what Lin Fan’s idea is, But after so many years of getting along, there is still some tacit understanding between the couple.

She believed that Lin Fan must have his intention to do this.

“Great! Then it’s settled, I’ll see you at the Legion match then!”

The Zhu Zhide family left with satisfaction.

At this time, Bai Yi couldn’t help asking:

“Lin Fan, what kind of medicine do you sell in the gourd?”


Lin Fan said with a sneer:

“Nothing, just want to see that Qin Xianzhong, how many catties in the end!”

At the same time Lin Fan added in his heart:

“Let’s see if he is really qualified to grab a woman with Lin Zuo!”

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