Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1486

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Chapter 1486

The next day!

Early in the morning, Lin Fan went out to buy groceries.

Of course, shopping for food is just a cover. He found a vegetable market and parked the battery car.

The Xu Longxiang’s vehicle has been waiting for a long time.

Without a word, Lin Fan got into the car.

He thought that everything was seamless, but he didn’t expect that this scene was so lifeless, so Bai Yi, who had forgotten to take the documents and turned around, looked straight.
“Lin Fan, Xu Longxiang? How is this possible?”

Bai Yi was completely stunned.

Lin Fan actually got on Xu Longxiang’s car?

What qualifications does he have to be able to associate with such beings as Xu Longxiang?

This scene simply subverted her three views.

The next moment, she took out her mobile phone and planned to call Lin Fan, but when she thought about it, Lin Fan would definitely make excuses to stop her as before.

Even if she gave up this idea, she plan to go to Lin Fan to ask questions later.


Not long after, Lin Fan transferred to a private jet and rushed to the Dragon Tooth Army.

After waiting for the Dragon Tooth Legion, it appeared that the door was empty.

Right now, Xu Longxiang’s face is completely gloomy:

“What’s the matter? Didn’t you arrange someone to come to meet you? What’s wrong for you to be so negligent?”
Hear the words!

Kou Jianghuai’s expression was immediately embarrassed, but he did not dare to speak:

“Old Xu taught that I will teach those bastards when I look back!”
But Lin Fan smiled, and said:

“The soldiers under your hand look down on me, the new instructor, so I want to give me a slap in the face!”

In order to make Lin Chentao take it lightly, Lin Fan specifically instructed Xu Longxiang not to reveal his identity.

So now Longya still doesn’t know that the new instructor they have invited by Longya is Lin Zuo, one of the four great army seats.


After learning that a new instructor had arrived, they felt unhappy and planned to give Lin Fan a smashing stance.

This is the collective not coming to welcome!

In their eyes, only Kou Jianghuai and Solanum Kwai were qualified to be their instructors.

Other people are nothing more than wild roads to them!

“They don’t know your identity, so they…”

Xu Longxiang was afraid that Lin Fan would be angry, so he wanted to explain something.

But Lin Fan waved his hand indifferently, and at the same time set his gaze on a large cauldron at the door.

That big tripod is huge, with rusty patina, full of traces of time, but it still looks magnificent! On the top of

, there is also a big life-like dragon carved, which is placed in the center of the doorway, showing great style!

“This big tripod is a bit interesting!”

Lin Fan said with a smile.

Dragon Kwai suddenly changed the subject and said with a smile:

“This great tripod was called Huaxia Ding. It was originally just a piece of scrap iron. Sixty years ago, Xu Laozheng In his prime of life, during a meeting with the National Assembly, he lifted this giant one thousand catties with his bare hands, and shocked the heroes of the nations! “

“After that, as a memorial, Mr. Xu took this scrap of iron. Brought it back to Huaxia, and cast it into a big tripod, named Huaxia Tripod! Guarding at the door of Longya has become a symbol of Longya! “

But Xu Lao waved his hand and smiled. Say:
“It was still possible to lift it back then, but not now, it’s old!”


Lin Fan smiled and said with shining eyes:
“Then, let me try?”


Xu Lao and others suddenly changed their expressions, staring at Lin Fan in amazement.

“Lin Zuo, now this Huaxia Ding has been rebuilt, but it weighs a ton, you…”

A ton, that’s two thousand catties!

It is twice as heavy as before!

Can Lin Fan be able to lift it up?


Lin Fan just smiled:

“Just try, what’s the point?”

He said, he ignored Xu Lao. What did they say, strode towards the Huaxia Ding that was much higher than others?

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